Method of shield of numerical control machine tool is chosen reach design concept

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Shield of numerical control machine tool is the person safety research and development to consider handlers, of shield of numerical control machine tool choose the principle with reach design concept to also having certain, accessory of machine tool of below neat peaceful is a few more integrated information, share with everybody. One, the sort of shield of numerical control machine tool and choose: Can divide commonly for organ type shield and shield of type of organ of armor plate shield, use nylon cloth or the shield that after high frequency heat adds up to the 3 classics that prevent cloth, shape. There is polyvinyl chloride sheet to make inside prop up. The technical characteristic of organ shield: Oneself weight is light, stretch good, extruding getting power is not out of shape, compression ratio is old, can come most 15: 1. Armor plate shield, 1Cr13 or use A3 armor plate, 1Cr18 armor plate give priority to body material, after via losing curved chance suppress becomes proper point of view, solder artificially and become. Deserve to blow bits board with polyurethane slideway. Characteristic of technology of armor plate shield: Mechanical strength is great, tension force is powerful, do not be afraid that outside force is bumped. 2, man-machine system safety is put in shield of machine tool of chief numerical control, just do not protect the plant of machine tool slideway, it is the shield of tutelar body safety more. Prevent a person to enter dangerous area. 3, the concept that shield of numerical control machine tool designs the design of shield of machine tool of concept numerical control to should abide by safety to defend undertakes designing: Want to consider the person safety of handlers above all, safe guard must achieve corresponding safe requirement, assure to have inside the term of service in the regulation enough strength, stability, wearability, anti-corrosive, fight sex of high low temperature and fatigue resistance. Anyhow should make sure shield itself has enough on the safe side to spend. In addition, when the design of guard of numerical control machine tool, consider the quicksand of likelihood happening even, if be operated by accident, the special situation such as sudden incident. Ensure person safety absolutely. CNC Milling CNC Machining