ABS liquid waste handles new technology research and development to succeed

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Recently, ABS colophony produced technology of useless water treatment to pass the expert that organizes by department of information of science and technology of Inc. of Chinese oil natural gas to check and accept evaluation. This achievement was solved at present respect of our country water treatment is put in one of 6 catastrophe problems, reached domestic banner level. This research achievement by Lanzhou petrifaction branch petro-chemical academy and oil university (Hua Dong) center of development of research of project of environment of chemical chemical college is finished jointly, it is Inc. of Chinese oil natural gas 2000 project of key science and technology " oil, refine changes manufacturing sewage to administer a technology integratedly to consider " medium 2 class task. The researcher is aimed at liquid waste of ABS of factory of rubber of Lanzhou petrifaction company to pollute character, the ABS waste water that development went to include course of degradation of coagulation, biology handles a technology, the sieve singles out the coagulant that suits to handle ABS liquid waste, decided optimal cast increase an amount, rate of suspension content purify amounts to 95% above. This technology program is raising ABS product to reclaim rate while, can reduce the discharge capacity of contaminant. CNC Milling CNC Machining