Comfortable the knife of new-style Duan Xi that waits for rough machining at the mould

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Japan not 2 jump over and live friendly electrical engineering hard metal (headquarters: Arms library Ju Yidan city) develop jointly in both sides " GS MILL " in series product, increased the upright milling cutter that is used at undertaking rough machining to mould and groove of mechanical spare parts and flank " GS MILL Roughing " , appeared on the market on April 21, 2006. Whole product line shares 7 kinds of model, the diameter is in 6.

0 ~ 12.

Between 0mm. Can use at mild steel, carbon steel, beforehand the cutting material such as the mould steel that hard steel, Rockwell hardness amounts to 50HRc. Through using most agree with of rough machining outside appearance of week the crucial point, cutting obstruction was reduced than in the past 30% . Such, with the past exceed photograph of knife of hard Duan Xi to compare, came true the biggest 1.

The feed speed of 5 times. What tool material uses is the particle with the hardness below high temperature and taller tenacity kind exceed hard alloy. Because be able to bear or endure,cut sex got rising, consequently life raised 1 times than in the past about. Additional, still undertook plated film is handled, raised flowing sex to reduce attrition resistance again already. Discharge through accelerating those who cut bits, reduced the heat in metal cutting of edge and cutting workpiece, efficiency raised 3 times in the past about. Two companies plan to be in what ~ held 15 days at Index Osaka on April 12, 2006 " processing technique of the 17th mould is exhibited (INTERMOLD 2006) " go up to carry milling cutter this kind showpiece. CNC Milling CNC Machining