New-style photon measures processing technique

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Summary: ? An enclosure for storing grain to put in order forcedly laborious of  of Qiong of border of the ぜ that study need says envy of duckweed of silk of shellfish  error mires plutonium rash the  that bask in  puts in order from contemplative commonplace げ take an examination of border Xi to mire felt of Si of Juan of Dang of B of a low bank of earth between fields of plutonium road ⒄ ans enclosure for storing grain to put in order forcedly unexpectedly Xi of border of the ぜ that study need is difficult core agrees, japan considers to develop a system to make according to science of technology courtyard industry and started " photon measures processing technique " project. As limits plan this project belongs to technology of industry of NEDO(new energy to develop an orgnaization integratedly) administer. This project was placed before research " photon technology " (attend an organization to have 6 4 7 27 folk enterprise, organizations, universities, national institutes) 3 years of plans. In early days main research develops laser oscillator. The first 5 years during, do 6 themes consider to develop: under cent? Bu of know well of Ji of child of acyl of border of ぜ of commonplace of Huan of ⒐ of Xuan of child of acyl of border of ぜ of commonplace of pay La Huan puts in order take an examination of enemy circle of Ping of look of Qian of border acyl child to put in order take an examination of  of over sixty years of age of Bei of Su of Ling of Guan of border acyl child to iron  of M of Ru of child of acyl of border of Tang of awake  す error pliable but strong, in machining technology, the purpose is the part that treatment gives to decide appearance, size, the dimension that makes add workpiece and appearance are more adjacent beforehand the design is better. Machining is involved heat, mechanical be out of shape, the problem such as cutting tool and the relative position precision of the workpiece that be added. Thereby, derivative the problem of positional control technology, in addition, still must have the research of the course respect such as technology of orgnaization, mechanical, material, attrition. The application of the production technology such as latter-day electric energy, chemical energy, light energy gets rapid development. But, at first machine a method like in the past, just consider how to raise the dimension precision of the spare parts. Accordingly, the improvement of processing technique carried program. Arrived recently, this kind of processing technique that uses change material position got more and more attention, the foundation of this one new-style processing technique is the state that wants to be able to dominate good treatment scene. Basically have: ? Breed > Nai dew takes Du of ⑽ Liu mop to take coal of take along sth to sb of  of acyl of border of ぜ of commonplace of eyebrow of  of abundant of  of K of Pi of Piao of flesh of ⒀ buy Φ fertile obstruct is low と of commonplace of alcohol sincering feeling [catfish brags commonplace は breed > mire  of prize of fade of Xi of the U that prick  falls Mo DPS(Field Dependent Processing (Producion) System) . Graph 1 photon machines a graph the cutting tool of this kind of processing technique is photon, electron, chemical ion, plasma. Machine with photon most special, because photon treatment is not had,return power, do not have limitation to machining medium, other treatment method can not be likened to this. Because this photon treatment regards best treatment as the method,be be worthy of. However, this technology should have the breakthrough of materiality, must study spot monitoring technology and development go above all facilitate the laser oscillator that use. Suitable scope of photon processing technique is very wide, arrive from the allotrope of accept rice class, nuclear group the construction of the building of 100 meters of class, bridge without one exception. Its machine a process to refer to a graph 1. And, the photon that regards treatment as cutting tool is sent brace up technology, control spot is indispensable monitoring measures a method, change to machining the condition of the spot, the medium of whatever appearance has corresponding most appropriate method. If send laser brace up technology, measure system and union of existing technology photograph to rise, the development research of small-sized to coming true, energy-saving processing technique is very significant. And, this technology that in machining a method, cites related to the laser oscillator, progress that measures appliance. The compose part that the content photon that 2 research develop measures processing technique 6 themes: 2.

Of the common large steely board that 1 macroscopical processing technique uses at building, large transport and wide application be called " light-duty material " aluminium alloy board wait for material, higher time, space is decomposed can. Use this to decompose can, process control technology, and Laser Cutting and solder the technology of laser beam machining that technical development gives high reliability. 2.

2 microcosmic processing technique use the laser of high density energy. Development goes pair of tall purity, even diameter, tectonic corpuscular to control technology and collect to accumulate these to exceed particle child the technology of the tiny and tectonic system that makes a quanta energy form. 2.

3 online measure a technology to be the position that holds good treatment process, use from infra-red to ultraviolet the tall sensitivity that the photon development of wavelengh limits goes the part that measures gas or particle, chroma and object appearance, temperature measures technology and systematization technology basically of inhomogenous condition. The 2 dimension of technology of the adjustment that returns so that develop the wavelengh inside big range above all, control and broadband region, tall sensitivity detect technology, the control technology of exploration skill of tall to machining the ultraviolet ray that releases in the process sensitivity and photon wavelengh. 2.

4 blame are destroyed (organization) the high accuracy that measures a technology to develop corporeal appearance to comprise state measures a technology. It is measured according to the interaction between short pulse and target material. Shoot shortwave photon to material first, change the result image that pass through again, analyse its time, space to decompose can circumstance, diagnose the appearance that gives a target and in-house defect thereby. 2.

5 high output are complete the principle that the laser technology of solidification explains and outputs implementation miniaturization, high, research the configuration technology of diode of high output laser. Study tiny thermal strain, high-powered laser data, develop the solid laser of class of 10kW of efficient LD laser thereby. Graph 2 development content 2.

The laser technology of complete solidification studies luminosity of 6 high volume the control technology of character of character of laser time, space, phasic, wavelengh, spectral character and high-powered collect light element. The happening that develops beam of light of high quality collect thereby, transmit and the technology of complete solidification laser that spends in the Gao Jiguang on the object. Technical development content can refer to a graph 2 are shown. The result that the way that 3 research develop develops to make study originally has industrial applicability, must develop brand-new photon to control a technology. In and ask development goes be being machined must measure system and tool -- , laser oscillator. Make basic technology of the technology about laser, still should make full use of existing laser oscillator and measure a system to study development makes tool and measurement technique. Mix when new laser oscillator when measuring a system to consider to succeed, want first-rate of special research construction large treatment system. Online the temperature that measures a requirement to be able to measure material, hold position of the element that treatment spot releases, compound. If want to do his utmost to reduce place to be affected to the spot with the method, be about to use photon technology. The control that because this must study photon integratedly,can change quality, transmit, detect technology. Still must consider to be able to be used conveniently at making a process medium laser is sent brace up technology, use small-sized, efficient hair thereby brace up obtain high grade laser. And, should with large make with standard photograph be identical. Conclusion is, the laser oscillator that can satisfy this requirement has the laser of the complete solidification of LD drive only. The report that develops this kind of laser to must consider to be outputted efficiently, high, smooth converter (LD) , hair brace up medium material and condition design technology, and photon transmits the crucial question that is research to medium from LD. Anyhow, this research must be divided into laser to make technology, laser measure applied technology, laser to send brace up technology 3 chunk, study respectively on the foundation that coordinates each other. And the problem that if why machining the spot to use these technologies,must solve, namely economic problem. From the angle consideration of budget and efficiency, want to be coordinated each other between each parts, use the means that studies centrally. Real of course operation inspects particular case even and decide. 4 pairs of expectation that study development the research that high industrialization asks we have this project, when undertaking sum up and thinking over to traditional production technique namely. Respecting new technology has " new-style foundation technology " the change of the invention that is like a plane, vacuum tube to semiconductor and " original technology is compound change " , control machine of technology, information like latter-day computer, mechanical technology, electron two types. Of course to above two types must take seriously. The development of new-style foundation technology remains the progress at background science, only science progressed, ability promotes the maturity of industrial technology, already some technologies are compound change, the development on the base that expands maturity in all sorts of technologies rises them. With afore-mentioned new-style technologies, already had technical photograph analogy, construction and the opportunity that use photon to make a technology are already mature. The new idea that photon production technology advanced to make the spot control a technology namely to one of contribution of processing technique and constructed to process a system brand-newly. Included among them what already had a technology is compound change, the development of the is cutting tool laser oscillator that say, photon that applies to the spot measures the development that uses a technology, namely " measure with control " . The security that can improve a product, dependability and production give a province resource, energy-saving brand-new the product is the another contribution that this technology gives a society to bring. The security that because photon production technology had considered such as batch,produces, dependability is like trade friction, the sources of energy to be used up in great quantities and the problem such as environmental pollution. It will make the technology of a foundation that Japanese technology structure transforms. 5 last words " photon technology " and " advanced measure analytic technology " is the conclusion that go ahead of the rest studies to the result reachs: ? Ang ans enclosure for storing grain to put in order forcedly vinegar of border of the Tang that take an examination of  finishs core of pregnant of arsine of Piao collate box relies on core of  of commission of  of acyl of Dou Ji of ⒄ of head of Cuo of border of duckweed of Piao of ⒖ of vinegar of border of eyebrow of τ of hole of Liao of  ⒓ す putting in order to fear vinegar of garden Liu border  of Ju of Liu border of 6 calamity garden, must develop the method that uses contact of infrared ray, blame to survey the system of appearance, temperature: Measure to nondestructive, want to let X ray penetrate the object is the key that judges object surface and internal state of affairs as far as possible. Laser oscillator must as far as possible small-sized, efficient, and provide free maintenance. Development goes high output (10kW) and Gao Jiguang sex (the LD drive of 1kW) is complete the laser of solidification. The result: of research? Does W of ⒘ of dream of  of massacre of Cuo of border of Liu of hut garden of  collection す swim ⑿ " is  Nai troubled by core of bad ┭ of Ji of garden Zhan ぞ to chop Tu Sao of the  that bask in Γ accumulate does Gou Chi pilfer use up mace of  of ㄖ of ⒔ of ⑶ handkerchief body however does road of mace of Ze protruding good burnt step on  ? CNC Milling CNC Machining