3 kinds of common breakdown reach LED light corresponding means of settlement

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LED lamp with its brightness can low, life grows big, waste time wait for a characteristic, occupy market of current electric lamp by force stage by stage. Generally speaking, LED lamp produces a problem very hard, in the problem of LED lamp, nothing more than 3 kinds of defect: The lamp not bright, lamp pales, after blacking out, twinkle. We are analysed one by one today solve each problem. The structural LED lamp of LED lamp has two kinds of forms, one kind is to absorb dome light, one kind is bulb. It is the lamp of which kinds of form no matter, internal composition is identical, cent is lamp bead and driver. The white that lamp bead opens the crust that absorbs dome light or bulb is plastic part, the circuit that can see interior has to bestrew maize rectangle board. The yellow on this circuit board, it is lamp bead. Lamp bead is the illuminant of LED lamp, its amount decided the brightness of LED lamp. The driver installation of driver LED bulb is in bottom, appearance cannot see. The driver that attracts dome light is the box of a black, when installing lamps and lanterns need installs driver above all. Driver has the constant current, step-down, commutate, function such as filter wave. When the electric light of means of settlement with LED not bright light is not bright, answer to ensure circuit is no problem above all. If be new clothes electric lamp, should use electrography to undertake metrical, or install an incandescent lamp, whether is there voltage in seeing circuit. After certain circuitry is no problem, can begin the overhaul below. Drive problem electric light is not bright, 10 have 89 is the problem of driver. Glow diode is taller to the requirement of electric current, voltage, too big or electric current, tension is too little cannot illume normally, because this needs the constant current driver in driver and commutator, step-down implement wait for device to maintain use. If open lamp tail lamp bead not bright, should consider the issue that is driver above all. Can buy a new drive to undertake changing right now. This problem should contact the means of settlement that LED lamp brightness pales a problem is solved together. Electric lamp brightness pales or do not shine, it is this kind of circumstance likely. The lamp of lamp of LED of lamp bead problem bead, cent is a string, each strings of lamp that go up bead, be series connection, string with string between, it is shunt-wound. Accordingly, this string goes up have burn down of a lamp bead, can bring about this string of lamp bead not to shine. If every strings have burn down of a lamp bead, can bring about whole electric lamp not to shine. If be every strings have burn down of a lamp bead, want to consider the capacitance on driver or resistor to have a problem. The lamp of burn down bead with normal lamp bead going up from the exterior can see, the lamp of burn down bead the dot that the position of the inter has a black, and this dot is to brush what do not drop. It is of burn down inside red circle lamp bead if the lamp of burn down bead the amount is not much, can burn down two at the back of lamp bead solder the foot is together with electric iron solder. If the lamp of burn down bead the amount is overmuch, the proposal buys a lamp bead board change, lest affect illume brightness. After the means of settlement that after LED lamp blacks out, twinkles produces electric lamp to black out, twinkle, want to acknowledge circuit problem above all. The most possible problem, it is the 0 lines of switch control. This kind of moment wants to be corrected in time, lest produce risk, right way is switch control front line, 0 lines receive electric light. If circuit does not have a problem, it is LED lamp arose to flow from electrification likely. The simplest method, it is the relay that buys a 220V, coil and electric lamp series connection, can solve. Specific reason sees the article before us: The means of settlement that after family expenses electric lamp blacks out, twinkles. CNC Milling CNC Machining