Machine the characteristic of milling cutter of nickel radical alloy

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When should encountering the difficult treatment material such as Hastelloy, Waspaloy, Inconel and Kovar, treatment knowledge and experience appear very serious. Current, the application of nickel radical alloy is increasing, basically use at making a few important parts of industry of spaceflight, medical treatment, chemical industry. These material have very high intensity, corrosion resistance, can withstand extremely high temperature. A few special elements were added in afore-mentioned material, can acquire advantageous property. But on the other hand, also make these stuff go the ground is special be hard to milling treatment. We know, the nickel in alloy and chromium are being fastened in nickel is two basically add part, increase nickel to be able to increase material tenacity, join chromium to be able to raise the hardness of material, plus the balance of other composition, can forecast the wear out condition of cutting tool accordingly. The other element that adds in material may have: Silicon, manganese, molybdenum, Tantalum, tungsten, notable is, tantalum and tungsten also are the basis that uses production hard metal, they improve the performance of hard alloy effectively, but these elements join workpiece material in, make it changes the ground hard milling treatment, resemble using cutting of cutting tool of a hard alloy almost cutting tool of another hard alloy is same. The damaged of cutting tool why the milling cutter of cutting other material, in milling is the damaged when nickel radical alloy faster? Make clear Hunan this are very important. Machine nickel radical alloy, cost of its cutting tool is higher, its charge is milling the 5 ~ of general steel products 10 times. Need not doubt, in milling when nickel radical alloy, quantity of heat is the mainest factor that affects cutting tool life, because although best hard alloy cutting tool, also can be destroyed by place of exorbitant heat in metal cutting. Produce extremely tall heat in metal cutting, it is the problem that milling nickel alloy just encounters not just. So milling when these alloy, need tries to control to quantity of heat. Additional, the cutting tool with understanding multiform application (high-speed steel cutting tool, hard alloy cutting tool or cutting tool of pottery and porcelain) the hot value of a quantity that produces when treatment, also be very important. The attaint of a lot of cutting tool still is concerned with other element, unqualified clamping apparatus and knife handle shorten possibly cutting tool life. The workpiece tigidity when clamp is insufficient, when the generation when cutting is mobile, may cause hard alloy matrix rupture. Can produce small break along cutting blade sometimes, still can die from hard alloy razor blade sometimes together, cannot proceed cutting. Of course, because,blade of this kind of collapse also may be hard alloy too hard or cutting negative charge is too big be caused by. Should consider to use high-speed steel cutting tool to undertake machining at this moment, in order to reduce the happening of collapse blade. Of course, high-speed steel cutting tool cannot bear in that way like hard alloy again higher quantity of heat. Use what data after all, need fibrous root decides according to particular case balance. Before treatment begins, try to strengthen the tigidity of clamping apparatus, after be opposite, long production can bring profit. Prolonged the life of cutting tool not only, and still improved workpiece surface quality, reduced machining error. Same, knife handle choice is undeserved, also can shorten cutting tool life. If be the diameter 3.

Of 175mm establish milling cutter outfit to be in milling cutter knife handle (is not) of bedspring card ahead, because tighten the action of solid bolt, make between cutting tool and knife handle cooperate clearance to slant at the same time, centre of turning circle of knife handle of deviate of cutting tool center, the radial when making milling cutter works is jumpy increase, cause milling cutter the cutting bear disequilibrium of every tooth. Position of this kind of cutting is very adverse to cutting tool, especially in milling when nickel radical alloy more outstanding. Through using the knife handle that improved cutting tool to install calorie of eccentricity, if hydraulic pressure blocks head, shrinkage fitting to block a head, can make cutting action more balanced, smoother, reduced cutting tool to wear away, improved exterior quality. A principle should be followed when choosing knife handle, it is knife handle wants as far as possible short. These oppose a demand to the clip of cutting tool and workpiece, to milling any material are applicable, and when milling when nickel radical alloy, still need to use advanced treatment experience as far as possible. The use of cutting tool no matter cutting tool is designed how, or make with what material, the manufacturer of cutting tool should offer the initiative value of cutting speed and every tine feed. If do not have these data, should seek advice to the Technical Division of manufactory home. The manufacturer should be hep their product is undertaking complete breadth opens groovy milling, outside the outline milling, ability when inserting mill or brae milling how, because great majority of a lot of standard milling cutter cannot complete so much treatment process. For instance, if milling cutter is done not have enough big the 2nd hind horn, criterion the bevel of brae milling is about to reduce. Apparent, if exceed the process capability of cutting tool, the damage that causes cutting tool. Inserting mill also is same, if cannot will cut bits in time from bottom land eduction, cut bits to will be squashed, cutting tool also will damage later. Anyhow, when milling machines high temperature alloy, these circumstances are adverse to cutting tool life. If think to decelerate feed speed to be able to prolong cutting tool life, so factual proof, this kind of viewpoint is wrong. When typical case is cutting the first knife namely, can discover data is quite hard. If reduce feed (be like but the every tine feed of dislocation milling cutter is decreased to 0.

025 ~ 0.

5mm) , blade of cutting tool cutting chafes strongly workpiece, the result is cutting tool very fast or it is to damage instantly. Attrition can cause the treatment sclerosis of workpiece surface, to avoid to machine sclerosis, the cutting negative charge that when cutting the first knife, should keep certain (0.

15 ~ 0.

) of feed of 2mm/ every tine. Cutting deepness depends on a variety of elements, if cutting tool is designed, horsepower of overall length of tigidity of bit height, clamping apparatus, cutting tool, machine tool. But when cutting tool hind when the horn before horn is mixed is 11 ° of 5 ° ~ to be worth, the most comfortable at processing the data with big viscosity. The helix angle that establishs milling cutter should be between 50 ° of 35 ° ~ . Of these milling cutter tilt edge has sawing effect, can form ideal cut bits and take away heat in metal cutting. Of course, milling nickel base when alloy, the cutting rate with appropriate choice is very important also. How much did it decide to produce caloric in cutting area. Commendatory speed limits from inferior 12 ~ 15m/min(is opposite high-speed steel milling cutter) to 23 ~ 37m/min(is opposite) of hard alloy milling cutter, arrive again 180 ~ 245m/min or taller (to) of milling cutter of pottery and porcelain. Increase feed and cutting deepness to also can increase heat in metal cutting, because corresponding land raised the osculatory area of cutting force and cutting tool and workpiece. According to milling the stress when nickel radical alloy is mixed cutting force, should choose by inferior the matrix that fine grained hard alloy regards milling cutter as bit, use the coating of azotic aluminous titanium that contains heat-resisting function. The bit that uses name of this kind of hard alloy undertakes milling is machined, can obtain very good treatment result. Below inferior cutting speed, use carbolic nitrogen to change titanium coating to undertake machining, its result is right also. If be in treatment, cutting tool is used undeserved, although use best matrix and coating, also won't obtain good treatment result. For instance, mill wants to give a depth on the spare parts for 3.

The chamfer of 8mm, want to divide treatment taking a knife to come out. Machine system of the CAM in the process to will show in this commonly cut for 3 deep same. Because workpiece repeats the ground to contact cutting tool to go up same position, final and identical cut will make greatly a gap produces on coating, once this breach delimits,wore coat, can injure matrix, cause cutting tool damage. Because this is in milling treatment, choose proper cutting deepness (be in commonly 0.

5 ~ 0.

75mm) , when milling, prevent workpiece to repeat osculatory razor blade same position, such ability prolong the life of cutting tool. The influence of heat in metal cutting in milling when nickel radical alloy, can produce many heat in metal cutting. When be being machined so, apply sufficient cooling fluid to flood cutting area, this comes true easily to small diameter milling cutter, but to big diameter cutting tool () of the milling cutter that be like a face, cannot flood entirely when cutting, can put out cooling fluid only, use dry mill means. When milling cutter cannot be enclothed by cooling fluid, quantity of heat is passed into quickly on bit, come out, bring about generation a lot of perpendicular the very small crackle at cutting blade, crackle expands gradually, can cause hard alloy disintegrate finally. Some circumstances can use smaller milling cutter, when treatment need not cooling fluid, if cutting tool cutting is normal and if cutting tool life is improved somewhat, the specification also can undertake effective Gan Xi. Because the spare parts in medical treatment and spaceflight industry is commonly used,nickel radical alloy is made, make this is planted material normally with attestation file, in the chemical structure that this kind of special material gave out in these files, those who make we can know mill when treatment is what material. And what should notice is how to choose proper cutting parameter and cutting method according to the composition of this kind of material. What mention before no less than, two of this group of metals main elements are nickel and chromium. When the per cent content that adjusts every kinds of metal when metallic smeltery, its are able to bear or endure the characteristic metropolis change such as corrode sex, intensity, hardness, same its machinability also can change subsequently. Design cutting tough or the cutting tool of horniness workpiece is not difficult, but the nickel that should design a both to have both base alloy cutting tool is not easy however. To these alloy you may have yourself make a way, but you understand its part and should use appropriate cutting tool only, you but smoothly milling resembles such material of Corp20, Rene41 and Haynes242. CNC Milling CNC Machining