Germany is sent person happy (ATD800 of revolving stage of Peiseler) numerical control

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Germany is sent person happy (the workbench of circumgyrate of ATD 800 numerical control that Peiseler) company produces is revolving stage of straight drive of pitching moment electric machinery, can utmost improves manufacturing efficiency, gross weight 3t, rotate speed can be as high as 600r/min, the bearing dimension that belongs to course of study of person of the same trade to precede horizontal; exceeds big norms can bear the milling force of 5t, compare with photograph of system of transmission of worm wheel worm, direct drive system has athletic part tall, rotate speed coming back spends little, dynamic character high dominant position, faster the mesa that more accurate dynamic character assured perfect treatment surface and geometrical precision; to be able to produce revolving stage according to special demand of the client, housing and slideway take-up housing, modular structure was achieved truly " Plug and Play " function. Germany was sent 1997 person happy roll out;2001 of revolving stage of straight drive of the first vertical of world year clique person is happy roll out the first double axis of world but revolving stage of bend type straight drive. The German Peiseler company that established 1819 is famous Germany " revolving stage old and well-known family " , using best raw material is principles of one of be linked together, bought-in component comes from the manufacturer with Yu Deguo the toppest Switzerland, seasoned sale group offers the specific requirement that is an user from professional technical point of view best solution. CNC Milling CNC Machining