The concept that automata law machines and characteristic CNC Machining belong to automata to machine a method

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This kind of method is wait for composition by device of measurement unit, feed and control system. It is measure, feed device and control system comprise one each to use treatment system, treatment process relies on a system to be finished automatically. Dimension is measured, cutting tool compensation is adjusted and cutting treatment and machine tool jockey wait for a series of jobs to be finished automatically, achieve the dimension precision of a requirement automatically. Add man-hour on numerical control machine tool for example, all sorts of instruction control that the spare parts adopts a program namely machine order and treatment precision. The specific means of automata has two kinds: ① is measured automatically there is the unit that measures work measure automatically on the machine tool namely, when workpiece reachs the size of the requirement, measurement unit gives out an instruction to make the machine tool retreats a knife automatically to quit the job namely. Nut of guide screw of the servo electromotor that ② number control has control tool carrier in the machine tool namely or workbench moves accurately, scroll deputy reach control equipment of number of a complete set of, the acquisition of dimension (the shift of the shift of tool carrier or workbench) adopt automation of computer number control equipment by the program that has woven beforehand. Earlier automata law is to use be measured actively and the control system such as machinery or hydraulic pressure finishs. Use the program that weaves beforehand by treatment requirement extensively already at present, the programme controll machine tool that gives out an instruction to have the job by control system (machine tool of abbreviation programmed control) or the number that issues digital information instruction to have the job by control system controls a machine tool (machine tool of abbreviation numerical control) , and the change that can get used to condition of the treatment in machining a process, self-correcting machines dosage, the adaptive control machine tool that machines process maximize by rated condition implementation undertakes automata is machined. The quality stability that automata law machines, productivity tall, treatment is flexible good, can get used to much breed production, it is the development way that at present machinery makes and CAM (CAM) foundation. CNC Milling CNC Machining