The robot makes welding line sealed become simple

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In car spray workshop, welding line is sealed exercise strides automation age very quickly from artificial times, 90% welding line are sealed the operation can be finished by the robot, automation degree is achieved 98% , product line utilization rate is as high as 97% , production is flexible promote with in pairs of finished product quality. The Stefan Diessars headquarters that operation of plant of gram of Lv of cloth of abstruse Si Na plans responsible Karmann company is located in Germany of Aosinabulvke, already had the history of hundred years up to now. Spring 2005, this company finished new besmear smoothly to hold a workshop the 3rd period reach most after first phase project, total cost is made an appointment with 1.

2.5 billion euro, it is the project of the biggest odd pen investment since the company holds water. This company builds exceed modern cathode dip to besmear (KTL) workshop year besmear outfit car can amount to 100 thousand or so, technology of uses RoDip besmear outfit is had very tall flexible change rate, can planting indefinitely expression of choice of the random in coating color, can produce the model of much home manufacturer at the same time even. These the robot welding line that profit from besmears outfit workshop place is used newly is sealed craft. The robot reflects Gao Rou gender and efficient Gao Rou sex and efficient it is the advanced welding line that Karmann company builds the two big important characteristics of sealed area, the pure manual and sealed mode of operation previously already upgraded to be versed in for robot automation now art. Sealed Jin assumes this welding line two manufacturers the manufacturing task of 4 kinds of models, include A4 Cabriolet open car of Ao Di, daimule? Open car of Mercedes-Benz CLK Cabriolet, Chrysler Crossfire reachs Chrysler Crossfire Roadster. The welding line of these a few kinds of models is sealed used plastic collosol of two kinds of PVC. The welding line of space of automobile body interior, floor and automobile body motherboard is sealed finish in the 3 robots workstation that all designs installation in ABB. Seal the flexible, fast sex of glue spray process and economy to keep secret truly, the DispensePac spray system of ABB standard (the system of form a complete set of robot PVC spray) compositive A/B of new-style double passageway changes glue implement, the different model that can come up and down according to product line, the PVC with successful corresponding switch is plastic sol. A/B changes glue implement install the spray gun in robot the upper arm lower part. Change glue implement input end sets 4, agent of two kinds of glue is set into makings mouth and circumfluence mouth respectively; Output end receives two tube, direct spray gun. A powerful person that change glue relies on pressure action to leave shut, can undertake successive processing to plastic collosol of two kinds of PVC. German ABB robot ministry is sealed business manager Jörg Reger says: "Another characteristic of this kind of solution is, in spray agent of a kind of glue while, can reclaim circularly agent of another kind of glue, fell the material loss when changeover thereby lowermost limit, this kind of solution is our innovation. " the plan that the Stefan Diessars that operation of plant of gram of Lv of cloth of abstruse Si Na plans responsible Karmann company shared new system closely and installation work. He reviews: "We were done to the SPA 400 spray gun of ABB change one's costume or dress, make it can be handled with spray agent of two kinds of glue. Whole project arrives from the plan executive time is very close. New system of after of company off end entered state of full scale operation 2005, to us, this stops to shift gear to advance amain at a draught like Cong Jing. Because plan is driven closely, this system assembles link exactly the amount to supply wants automobile body with respect to what can give behind at the beginning from put into production. " at present this product line produces hourly 22 automobile body, 97% what achieved plan utilization rate. Automobile body outputs after from downstair pretreatment KTL area, along production Jin passes the first station namely welding line is sealed and artificial preparative area. First workstation that enters next is comprised by robot of industry of axis of two IRB 4400 6. The rear row before Jin of running water of two robot edges is listed, use advection craft to carry out welding line to engine cabin, passenger cabin and boot sealed. "3 drive robot carriage " each shows special prowess the welding line that the IRB 4400 robot of Karmann company completes 22 automobile body on average hourly. Automobile body enters a machine to make station after artificially, the system reads the data carrier that takes solid to go up on tray conveyer belt, try to identify to the model. What read extraction data to include glue agent type and welding line place. Even if same model, because engine version and target market are different, the welding line that needs processing is endless also and same. Reading while access is occupied, visual system measures automobile body the exact position inside workstation. Workstation controls a system to obtain data after from S4Cplus robot controller, namely moves sealed operation. Workstation of the first robot sets artificial processing area. This work area is in charge of transferring to soldering Duan Jin goes finishing, the part interest that cannot touch to the robot dogs with optical welding line craft undertakes sealed, purify is redundant material and ram are sound-absorbing mat. Before entering workstation of the 2nd robot, should serve automobile body first wear deferent device high. Next motherboard classics are artificial block Fu after, automobile body is immigrant workstation. 4 IRB 2400 robots that install along Jin of two flow axis respectively use advection craft to undertake to motherboard welding line sealed. In workstation of the 3rd robot, additionally robot of 2 IRB 2400 uses the craft that do not have gas to carry out next motherboard sealed. Like that after, automobile body reentrance an artificial operation area, fu of executive purify block, qualitative accuse and clear working procedure. Most after waits to send solidify furnace. Automobile body from be on welding line till sealed Jin enters solidify furnace, whole process needs 2 hours about. Time is the design cycle of robot workstation 2 minutes respectively. In all models, the weld zone territory of open car of Ao Di A4 Cabriolet is the oldest, its solder length amounts to 70 meters or so. The Wilfried Klaiber of manager of priming paint Jin of the factory expresses Aosinabulvke: "The quality with sealed welding line had gotten the affirmation of the manufacturer. In ensure the premise of standard of high level quality falls, automation degree also went up a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. To the Kelaisile of high yield Crossfire model realizes the welding line of 90% to be able to reach a gender, sealed automation degree already obtained welding line at present 98% . " the welding line of ABB robot can reach a gender special give Xiao . Crossfire model realizes the Kelaisile that compliance of ABB robot department measures to high yield the welding line of 90% can reach a gender, the level of outclass competitor. Inside the range that the technology can reach, sealed automation degree already obtained welding line at present 98% , ABB robot ministry is in this one domain not only outstanding, still achieved expectant manufacturing rate. In welding line sealed craft domain, ABB robot ministry cashed in the round at the outset acceptance. CNC Milling CNC Machining