Make bottom side rail newly beforehand design of deflection modulation tool

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Summary: Carry curved machine on the head to carry deflection on the head with 315t in the light of Pakistan flatcar bottom side rail the quality difficult problem of inhomogenous, size, design tool of a prefab deflection, achieve deflection even, and the craft requirement that satisfies the deflection on 28 ~ 31mm. Bottom side rail is the important part of Ba Tieping car, it and in bridge bears the weight of together the station is truckload weight, its quality stand or fall is affected directly truckload lade quality and truckload service life. Bottom side rail is by [87 × of 300 × 9.

The channel of 18660 produces 5 × and become, craft file asks: After steel structure whole is assembled, the deflection on the bottom side rail between two corbel is 28~30mm. Each bits of deflection allows a value to see a picture (1) , and truckload deflection curve must transfer equably. Graph 1 before designing prefab deflection tool, modulation of deflection of bottom side rail carries curved machine on the head to finish by 315T, in use is existing more question: 1, attune of 315T top curved machine is straight can section undertakes modulation, deflection is inhomogenous, cannot satisfy craft file requirement. 2, the volume that deflection of profiled bar of range estimation observation can carry only when handlers is using 315T to carry curved machine on the head, deflection size, unwarrantable the deflection that obtains a provision; 3, 315T top curved machine agrees with commonly the channel that moves straight 12m left and right sides, show bottom side rail of Ba Tieping car to be as long as 18m is much. 4, operation of deflection of bottom side rail of modulation of 315T top curved machine takes a lot of work take time, a bottom side rail needs modulation 30 ~ 40 minutes, work efficiency is very low. Afore-mentioned problems, affected profiled bar of bottom side rail badly already beforehand the modulation quality of deflection and manufacturing efficiency, cannot satisfy a factory production of Ba Tieping car plans a requirement, to solve this problem, design a section beforehand deflection modulation tool is very necessary. One, because workpiece is too long,design 1) of train of thought, workbench uses section structure. 2) workpiece is [300 channel, length 18660mm, need 5 oil cylinder, postposition link stopper uses the board material with thick 20mm. 3) is in prefab process, [Become warped on 300 channel, use fore-and-aft tie device. 4) is to prevent oil cylinder in prefab process prejudicial, use oil cylinder to secure plant. 5) backs down in prefab process to prevent oil cylinder, with 20mm link stopper. The versatility that 6) installs to improve skill and flexible, design adjustable fender. Graph 2 2, the structure summarizes prefab deflection tool by 5 workbench, motherboard, oil cylinder, pumping station, fore-and-aft tie device and oil cylinder secure the composition such as device, see a picture (2) : This tool designs 4 in all, among them each grow 4.

2 meters, every are mixed by bolt between the section the join of pin board join. When tool need not when dismountable, 16.

8 meters long tool can deposit the clearing place in 5 meters of square not to take up overmuch spot space. 1) the workbench of detachable cent, see a picture (3) the workbench that does whole, occupy work area quite big, unwell also at existing exercise spot structure. The workbench of detachable cent facilitates make, also facilitate place. 2) the motherboard that takes aperture, see a picture (3) because oil cylinder structure is restricted, want to make oil cylinder originallies to go up on motherboard, the oil cylinder that takes disc carries a lid to need to sink, this opens 200 × on motherboard with respect to need the square aperture of 200. Graph 33) the pressure that deflection of modulation of oil cylinder choice needs and choose computation of oil cylinder actuating pressure: 1, when considering plasticity of happening of bottom side rail to be out of shape, bridge internal stress is achieved succumb the limit, take σ S to serve as critical stress for reference so, metabolic happens at first in Liang Zhong ministry, see a picture (4) 8=4F(MC of × of L=F/2 of FA=FB=F/2 MC=FA × is curved quadrature) the largest position is in Liang Shouying force fluctuation surface: 150=0 of × of Ymax=4F/IZ of σ Max=MC/IZ × .

6/IZ × F (among them 150 units are Mm, 0.

6 units are M) IZ=IZ1+2IZ2=b1h13/12=9.

5 × 140.

53/12+2 ∫ 150140.

87 × of 5 Y2 × Dy=6.

Max/0 of σ of × of 7 × 10-5m4 F=IZ.

6, ≈ of S=235Mpa F of σ of Max= extraction σ 2.

Because 7T arises when bridge after plasticity is out of shape, σ S increases somewhat, so pressure F1=1.

2 × F=3.

24T pursues 42, the computation of oil cylinder pressure: The actuating pressure =31 of pump.

5Mpa, piston diameter is A=31 of Ф 120 F2=P × .

106 × of 5 × 10-6=3 of × of 602 × π .

F1 of 56T F2 > , oil cylinder actuating pressure is enough. 4) the design makes oily juice 3, 4, arm of safe rocker axis, safe rocker coming back, top is covered and crock of hydraulic pressure job, see sketch map respectively (5) : Graph 55) when be being adjusted to solve profiled bar coming directly towards move back and forth is frequent error the problem with big, inhomogenous deflection, designed hydraulic pressure oil cylinder and hydraulic pressure pumping station to replace 315T to carry curved machine on the head. The fixed position of oil cylinder reachs close firm plan: Choose 5 oil cylinder, adjust channel area to differentiate to locate for 4 paragraphs. custom-built discharge is for 63L/min, pressure 31.

The hydraulic pressure pumping station of 5MPa will provide power for oil cylinder, in through A, B two hands move reversal valve to if pursue,control 5 oil cylinder respectively (6) : Graph 6A controls: A.

B of E oil cylinder controls: B.


D oil cylinder such, when channel is adjusted but first actuate A a powerful person makes A.

E oil cylinder is in profiled bar clamp actuate, b a powerful person makes B.


D oil cylinder will support press channel, make its deflection achieves 28 ~ 30mm equably. 6) had a test to tool, discover tool is in modulation profiled bar from time to tome may because of be out of shape cock, because this undertakes optimizing to tool, if pursue,made fore-and-aft tie device (7) : Below free condition, oil cylinder, bottom side rail becomes warped on the meeting. Fore-and-aft tie device solved the difficult problem that becomes warped on bottom side rail. Fore-and-aft tie device is blocked by safe rocker, composition of arm of safe rocker axis and safe rocker coming back. Safe rocker is blocked bring gap, safe rocker axis takes whorl, facilitate safe rocker screws with screw cap after mount of arm coming back. This kind is structural safety, reliable, convenient, quick. Graph 78) oil cylinder secures plant, see a picture (8) : Fixed device includes to go up fender, issue fender, fender uses bolt connection with next fender on. Fender all takes protruding stand with next fender on, facilitating bolt is fixed. 9) other is formed, see a picture (9) : 3, principle of job of prefab deflection tool first open two termination oil cylinder tightens top of bottom side rail, open 3 oil cylinder among again next. Did not obtain technology when prefab deflection when the requirement, usable adjustable fender undertakes modulatory. 4, use effect and characteristic 1) raised bottom side rail to machine quality, rate of repair of bottom side rail fell 6% . Prefab deflection satisfied craft requirement, with 315t top bends machine photograph to compare before, went up a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. In the meantime, because reduced the effect of factitious element, prefab deflection quality keeps stable easily. Graph 82) the operation is handy, yi Xueyi understands use make clear, handlers is after the study try out that passes a long time, can master adroitly. 3) reduce labor intensity, improve labor condition on 315 curved machine prefab deflection, handlers need moves back and forth workpiece, labor strength is great, easily fatigue; After solid construction installs prefab deflection, handlers needs to observe deflection on workbench only, first detect after deflection, if deflection did not satisfy craft requirement, usable adjustment fender. Once deflection is appropriate, need to operate oil cylinder valve only. Graph 9 4) production cost is low, maintain the prefab deflection tool that convenient proper motion develops, what require cost only left and right sides of 100 thousand yuan of RMBs, belong to low cost device. Of tool fragile do not need to be deployed technically, facilitating maintenance. 5) top of manufacturing efficiency tall 315t bends motor-driven productivity: 6 / day. Tool productivity: 12 / day. 5, technical benefit passes chassis of the tool that make, satisfied the deflection modulation of 18 meters of channel. And design can be in into the chassis of detachable cent need not when concentration is deposited, narrowed greatly to spot space take up. CNC Milling CNC Machining