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Come from the competition of Asia and hamster to can contend, chief Mr Bruno Jeauneau that the mould of medium-sized dimensions makes enterprise SMTO realises France, the quality dominant position that should machine through HSC will answer. The machining center of first high speed of the company is an equipment has high accuracy turn -- swing the machine tool of Ers RFM 600 DSP of of 5 axes R of workbench, the machine tool contains the main shaft of 14kW drive power, turn up 42000r/min, the other characteristic of this machine tool is temperature management and compensation of main shaft length. Mr Bruno Jeauneau values this system, depend on its shorter handling time not only, more the quality that depends on the mould part that this system makes. This matters to the dimension precision of the spare parts not only, and the quality that still involves makes free curved surface. "The spare parts of high speed milling, its high quality makes we saved the rank in producing technological process from the back a few otherer working procedure, its economy meaning exceeded the low fare that arises by place of pure shorter handling time apparently. " Mr Bruno Jeauneau says. Progressively implementation automation another main factor is time, because, to each today's order, its very strict date of delivery had formed a kind of convention almost. Pay a mould to should throw the job instantly after assemble, and undertaking nap is exceptional circumstance. After SMTO company purchased the HSC tooling of R Ers oneself, neared this one end. However Mr Bruno Jeauneau knows, although have so good quality, but cost remains a crucial factor. Because although be in,quality respect has the mould of the advantage to have apodeictic advantage, but the market accepts inferior surtax only. Accordingly, he must as far as possible the treatment flow of mould of economic ground design, and the best measure that reduces cost should adopt automation namely, carry out the unmanned guard that machines equipment as far as possible, include nightly and on the weekend. Graph 1 whole equipment: In this equipment, the robot RC4 of the linear shift with long 13M, operate the milling machine of 3 kinds of model.

The left of the graph is RMS of unit management system advocate control a station. Accordingly, the workpiece that for its machining center of Ers of first R equiped to having 16 splint place exchanges SMTO company device and capacity are 50 cutting tool turn tower knife library. Place unit about workpiece outfit, SMTO company decides to choose the splint of Erowa company. Through giving splint trade unit replete work, machining center of RFM 600 DSP often can carry the president amounts to 48 hours continuously, becoming a worker is single class only when making the work, and equipment can move 7 days continuously with a week almost. Premise condition is to machine a process to want to gain reliable control, in the next weekday won't encounter impracticable accident. Here, besides tall utilization rate of equipment and installations, deployed laser measurement unit to also have main effect to high speed milling machine. Laser measurement unit collects the length of cutting tool not only, also collect its diameter, this machines a result to undertake examining offerringed a possibility to three-dimensional scanning is passed to be opposite on the machine tool. The Ers RC4 of robot R that the pillar that develops solution of automation of line of automation machine tool is 13 meters long linear shift. Through the robot the RFM 600 DSP that purchases in the past and new purchased 3 axes RXP 800 and machining center of 5 axes RXP 800 DS join each other rise. Along straight path mobile robot operates splint of 40 big norms, 300 cutting tool on library of the knife outside splint of 60 small norms and machine. In addition, the robot accesses cutting tool and workpiece on the in-house knife library of each machining center and clamp system. To handle different work, set an alone paw warehouse, offer corresponding paw for workpiece of avery kind of. Graph the robot of 2 linear shift: It operates the cutting tool on library of the knife outside the splint of different specifications and machine along straight path.

In addition, it still is on the in-house knife library of each machining center and clamp system access cutting tool and workpiece. Accordingly, to machine tools of these high speed cutting, SMTO company is the latest technology that relied on company of R Ers: These machine tools equiped on all reference axis linear and direct actuating device. Do not have tatty circumstance make known to lower levels completely in order to be in to arrive very high treatment quality. For special ensure below the situation that produces unmanned guard tall treatment precision, install the gush liquid that has cutting tool filter cloth cleaning device. The task management system with outfit efficient stock " the treatment unit that is the same as 3 kinds of individual automation is compared, this kind compositive the overall solution that change has distinct advantage, " Mr Bruno Jeauneau says. Of particularly ambitious attune is, when there is an occurrence trouble in other equipment, can improve treatment through allocating splint and cutting tool flexible, because malfunction,this was reduced and cause the risk that cannot deliver the goods on schedule. All composition that the advantage of new overall solution depends on a system be offer by a company, the machine tool that can use him firm of R Ers so commands systematic advantage, the loss of nonexistent interface respect. Run a system through the mission that develops for automation of high speed milling only (RMS) the harmony that will realize whole equipment, this system considered all sorts of different strategies, and offer the management of such as semifinished product, job that is aimed at cutting tool differentiate (so that decrease,change knife time) or wait for administrative content for fiducial task allocation with machine tool type. The breakdown government that has automatic cleared function is necessary, malfunctioning in the machine tool is to stop even reapportion undertakes to the task when machine. To undertake examining, move a relevant workpiece. After undertaking a reappraise to feasibility, this task undertakes waiting and actor undertakes executive first. To cutting tool management, task management system offerred a kind of solution, central knife library has club with the knife library of machine tool interior. Precompose prepares (Look-ahead) software is in charge of be in the time of parallel of as basic as the machine tool time, insert cutting tool in time outfit in the intermediate knife library beside the machining center that relies on closely to moving. The model of standard cutting tool is changed the diversification that conduces to limitative cutting tool and reduce process designing cost. Those who be worth to allude is the communication ability of equipment, ability of this kind of communication exceeded diagnose service range remotely what offer normally for the client. Such, when equipment malfunctions, notebook computer can be used to enter a system in the company. In the meantime, can arrange already quit certain work, also can pass for example call the treatment that can offer an alternative, preferential arrangement undertakes the strategy is coordinated. CNC Milling CNC Machining