Choose appropriate cutting tool to machine a mould accurately quickly

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In metallic cutting domain, return neither one to machine a circumstance to be made like the mould ask to machine exercise to achieve very tall precision in that way, requirement cutting tool reachs specific service life. To this, the hard alloy cutting tool that applies to this purpose technically can reveal its peculiar glamour adequately. One makes the manufacturer of the rich mould that stride Er, can be designed and make complete set be used at plastic note model, extruding to note model and balata to note the fill such as model or the mould of the respect such as mould bases. Contain the aircrew of 32 machines equipment through using one collar for a horse, can produce the pattern that gives all measurement standards, from the pattern that is used at production prototype, pattern that small lot produces, produce the pattern of component to large quantities of quantities all the time, the greatest weight can achieve 50t. Its much user comes from a car to make a trade, but also have the computer, communication, client that carries industry of as happy as amusement appliance. In order delivery time the case with the short, higher and higher demand to machining precision falls, people is mixed to form of machine tool, cutting tool, organization work staff also raised taller requirement. Machine efficiency to rise further, people undertook throwing on new-style equipment and cutting tool. It is well-known to machining the requirement of equipment: It should be general-purpose, ask when rough full treatment work efficiency is tall, and taller precision should be achieved when finishing is machined; At the same time it asks to be able to realize the treatment of 5 faces, and of arbor, milling head and cutting tool change should come true full automatic change. If choose the GantryFOG-SM30 of Droop&Rein company milling machine (the journey is × 1500mm of 6500mm × 3200mm) , can satisfy afore-mentioned overall demands. This kind of milling machine also has higher demand to the work efficiency of cutting tool. Milling machine should work everyday 16 ~ 18h, work basically for two, evening shift and should use on the weekend make the finishing treatment with arduous take time. Because the machine is unmanned operation to move automatically commonly, must assure the service life of cutting tool and working precision so. For this, company and cutting tool produce manufacturer one case, according to the characteristic that machines the task, choice and treatment give corresponding cutting tool. In discussing a course, infuse of company of tool manufacturer SandvikCoromant the professional knowledge that its create a field in cutting tool, provide relevant choice measure. Mould production manufacturer also offerred his real work experience. When choosing cutting data, want to consider the particular case of cutting tool material and machine equipment, show the optimal service life of cutting tool even at the same time, simple and easy model CoroguidePlura of cutting data order can provide very good auxiliary measure, it has very big effect to the choice of cutting tool. Want to had machined all sorts of component, the working experience of employee also is a very fundamental premise condition, so that can undertake corresponding process designing according to machine state well. The mould produced manufacturer Hummel company to use the process designing system of TebisundWorkNC company. It is OK that its advantage depends on people on one hand a manufacturing experience is direct translate into a kind of milling is politic, also can mix fixed position part at the same time drive journey bring into new program directly in; On the other hand, such program can become more accurate and effective. In process designing process, the quality of the service life of cutting tool and component has main effect. In the production of cutting tool and mould, use new milling strategy and the sense with use new-style cutting tool to having important. The cooperation that produces manufacturer or supplier with cutting tool at the same time also is very necessary. Because the key of a job of Hummel company is mould of treatment big deepness, so this company also is being searched actively appropriate efficient cutting tool. The place of here illustrate problem: Processes mould material is character 1.

2738, tone pledges intensity is 1400N/mm2, the product uses as of masses passenger car hind prevent bump implement. Machining the task is right in its mould odd material undertakes machining (outside outline is prevented with securing bump implement of periphery plastic protect a margin) . The problem that encounters in treatment is outside outline size is small, the flange of cutting tool is very long, cutting tool is twined completely. Here the circumstance falls, use the CoromillPlura that owns tool carrier of aggrandizement of train in excess specified length only new-style milling cutter of 1610 hard alloy. Because working stability is good, vibration is little, can avoid undesirable surface to machine quality so. When using technology of this kind of treatment, the stability of the dependability of milling cutter and quality is very important. Before treatment, the weight of workpiece is 36t, and external outline makes be machined first (treatment makes an appointment with 96h continuously) hind, the odd weight of workpiece has 17t only. Next workpiece be gone up to undertake by the machine with new-style park thick rectify and finishing (make an appointment with 240h continuously) . This treatment task makes clear, choosing appropriate cutting tool is what kind is important, should make milling strategy and hard alloy cutting tool are achieved namely match reasonably. Also can see from which, for efficient treatment mould, the collaboration between tool manufacturer and user is what kind is important. The competition of mould production manufacturer also is the competition of its work efficiency and innovation ability actually. Have lasting development to milling cutting tool only, new idea, new politic ability be able to fast carry outing, just also can improve the manufacturing efficiency of the mould at the same time. CNC Milling CNC Machining