New-style machining center enlarges size range of pipe bent

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Alupro company purchased a kind of special machining center. Use this kind of machining center, can the 17m, biggest to be as long as ply undertakes machining for the aluminous profile of 20mm, can extend the product size range of pipe bent of aluminous profile from this: From the smallest till a few meters senior capable person. "Process capability is bigger, product structure of the client jumps over diversification. " explanation of Alupro company general manager Mr Eva Maria Tuschwitz says. The basis of aluminous profile machining center that length of the biggest treatment is 17m the view of Mr Tuschwitz, because use this kind of machining center, formed a kind new-style " client and supplier " relation. In addition, still can obtain an opportunity to extend a client group. Through using CNC equipment and double technology, the profile that can amount to 17m to the biggest length undertakes machining. From this, can improve manufacturing efficiency and patulous process capability. "We achieved finer cost structure accordingly. " Mr Tuschwitz says so. CNC Milling CNC Machining