Of machine of cut of shallow analyse aluminous profile maintain

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Introduction: Develop as land of contemporary machining estate, rise ceaselessly to what the quality of cut, precision asks, manufacture efficiency to rising, reduce production the requirement of the cost, automatic cut function that has tall intelligence to change also is in promotion. The development of machine of numerical control cut must want to get used to the demand that contemporary machining industry expands. Below is small make up what share machine of aluminous profile cut with everybody to maintain problem. 1, daily need to check cup of engine oil of aluminous profile cut to have without lube, my company uses the pneumatics lubricating oil of 20# , should maintain 7 minutes full, avoid pneumatics to the spare parts does not have lube and reduce service life, whether does examination pressure maintain the pressure ability of 6-7kg to operate, too big or pressure is too little make pneumatics spare parts is damaged easily, the filter water of this machine implement have function of water of automatic platoon date, be like cannot automatic catchment changes by oneself please filter water implement device, avoid pipeline seeper,   of   of   of job of influence machine station 2, power source needs to maintain fusing silk switch when be not used close position, in order to ensure the machine reachs the   of safe     of personnel 3, in cheer lubricant place, both ends of the gyro wheel in raising lever and connect of the rear axle before pressing annulus of work or material rest to cooperate place, connecting rod to wear, air cylinder to reach a makings cooperates to be in, need to be checked every week, timely cheer lubricant, can avoid to get stuck dead and cause stop the   of loss     of machine 4, cutting is oily: This fuel injection group but gush CPC-R32 or saponification oil, wind force can adjust and or so oily quantity can control oil of cutting of use aluminium alloy or water-solubility cutting oil apart (saponification is oily) 1: 20, scale cannot too rare, avoid moisture too heavy cause rusty or card is dead, require daily inspection oily capacity is sufficient, complement needs when inadequacy, sufficient refrigeration can add the life of cutting tool, reduce the Mao Bian that aluminium cuts. 5, the cleanness that preserves workbench area can ensure curium   of cut precision     6, canal of daily examination wind has without damaged, if damaged changes please,new wind is in charge of, because of,avoid slack bring about a machine to cannot work normally       7, the hydraulic pressure of can use CPC-R68 is oily, need to maintain 7 minutes full, can ensure air cylinder movement is smooth, OFF rear cover involves gas cause to get off first when cheering, open the oily lid of can upper part, add oil to 7 minutes full hind, close oily lid, the rear cover on if can. 8, fixed (best once a week) need to check leather belt excessive wear away, pressure of surface of whether parallel, leather belt loosens too or tighten too. 9, if spare parts of the atmospheric pressure when the operation has breakdown or not behavioral case, change please the   of   of   of pneumatics spare parts of breakdown 10, the system of fuel injection refrigeration of this machine uses fuel injector, use siphon principle to suck cooling oil to nozzle, refrigeration curiums piece, to avoid pneumatics spare parts sundry block and steel products of machinist job of our country of   of generation breakdown   makes dosage already achieved 300 million tons of above, the cut amount of rolled steel is very large; As the development of contemporary and mechanical industry, the work efficiency that machines to plank cut and the demand that produce character amount also rise at the same time. The market potential of machine of numerical control cut or prospect of very big, market are consequently more hopeful. CNC Milling CNC Machining