Thermal spraying (solder) the cutting of material is machined (on)

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Thermal spraying (solder) process a product 1.

What is thermal spraying (solder) ? What use is there? Thermal spraying (solder) it is to machinery one kind the spare parts undertakes finishing, defend and the new technology of repair. To increasing spare parts heat-resisting, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance can or replace high grade material to make heat-resisting, wear-resisting, anti-corrosive spare parts, the service life to lengthening a spare parts, restore spare parts measure, having extremely remarkable sense. Hot gush solder is use oxygen one acetylene blaze, it is melting point 950 ℃ ~ of 1200 ℃ from fusibility alloy powder, gush apply arrives workpiece apparently, fuse together with matrix surface layer, solder layer and matrix show metallurgy couple. Hot gush solder differs by operation method can divide the solder that it is gush one footwork and gush solder 2 footwork. One footwork is will pulverous spray and fuse undertake finishing alternately, the craft quantity of heat that this law inputs is little, workpiece is out of shape small, apply to the local solder of attaint spare parts, join; 2 footwork are to spray first fused departure undertakes after powder, this law is older to hot interference of whole spare parts, apply to large area protection to enclothe reach repair to work. Thermal spraying is to make metal, alloy, cermet and melt of material of pottery and porcelain or partial melt, achieve high kinetic energy, make pulverization particle, the workpiece surface that gush clears to the course, form firm adherent layer. Thermal spraying calls cold in season solder again, the action of the coating that press gush can be divided mix for thermal spraying of sex of protection thermal spraying, function repair sex thermal spraying. The characteristic of thermal spraying is after spraying, do not need to undertake remelting, whole spray process all maintains low temperature, spare parts temperature under 250 ℃ , won't cause a spare parts to be out of shape, very small to the organization of spare parts surface layer and mechanical function influence, apply to all metal stuff outside dividing red copper and pottery and porcelain. Commonly used thermal spraying method sees watch 9-1. Thermal spraying (solder) craft applies extensively in mechanical, shipbuilding, oil, mine and aerospace industry, the high temperature that should withstand 3000 ℃ above like the nozzle when the rocket blasts off and air current are eroded, its surface must spray an ability the material tungsten of this kind of high temperature, than not the nozzle life of spray raises 100 times above. 2.

Thermal spraying (solder) can be material divided which a few kinds be? What function and use are there? Thermal spraying (solder) the sort of material is very much, can divide by material appearance for linear with pulverous shape two kinds. Pulverous material can divide solder of the gush that it is heat to use 3 kinds from fusibility alloy powder, thermal spraying to use alloyed powder end and Bao Fufen end roughly, ~ of 9-2 seeing a table expresses 9-4. Pulverous and atomic diameter is 77 ~ commonly 125 μ M, exceed fine powder to be 5 ~ about 40 μ M. Flame spraying material is a metal normally, from fusion gold and cermet. The wire majority of spray of power supply arc is φ 1.

6 ~ 1.

8 Mm, the wire majority that supplies flame spraying is φ 2 ~ 3mm, material basically is iron and steel or blame iron metal character. Thermal spraying sees watch 9-5 with wire. 3.

Thermal spraying (solder) what cutting characteristic does material have? Thermal spraying (solder) the alloy of high temperature excel in that material great majority is much combination, hardness of the surface layer after eject of high speed of classics high temperature is taller. Normally, hardness of layer of spray of powder of cupreous radical, iron radical is less than HRC45, easier cutting is machined. Hardness of layer of spray of powder of cobalt radical, nickel radical is more than HRC50, more difficult cutting is machined. Cobaltic bag WC, nickel bag WC, nickel wraps Al2O3. Wait for hardness of pulverous spray layer to be more than HRC65, the most difficult cutting is machined. Can see from inside expressing 9-6 place of alloyed powder end contains composition and content to be opposite spray of heat in metal cutting (solder) the influence of the layer. On the other hand, thermal spraying (solder) material be hard to the reason of cutting depends on spray layer very thin hard, the precision that achieves a requirement via cutting gets thin a thin, finishing arrives since, defend or the effect of repair. Thermal spraying (solder) the cutting characteristic of material is as follows: (1) cutting temperature is high: Thermal spraying (solder) material is the elemental composition with You Rong point is very high and small coefficient of thermal conductivity more, had both the character of alloy of high strenth steel, high temperature and hard steel of temper by dipping in water. The energy when cutting is used up big, the quantity of heat of generation derives not easily again more, cutting temperature is very accordingly high. (Durability of 2) cutting tool is low: Thermal spraying (solder) layer hardness is tall, some can amount to HRC65 ~ 70; Contain the hard particle with a lot of very tall hardness at the same time, its wearability compares tower above of coequal hardness steel 3 ~ 6 times, hard particle is having abrasive effect when cutting, aggravate cutting tool wears away, durability is very low. (3) spray (solder) the layer is easy flake: Thermal spraying (solder) hind that formation material, although have particular combinative strength with base material, but thermal spraying (solder) the layer is very thin, the organization is not compact and hardness is taller than matrix, when bigger cutting force and fast cutting temperature action, especially when the part after cutting tool is too small and the attrition power that cause is greater, thermal spraying (solder) layer easy generation is local flake, should try to prevent. (Easy generation is oscillatory when 4) cutting: Thermal spraying (solder) the meeting after the layer is cooling produces systole, the organization is inhomogenous, have the drawback such as small air hole and be mingled with possibly still, the surface is rough, when cutting microcosmic on generation is discontinuous cutting is easy cause concussion and vibration. Thermal spraying (solder) process a product 4.

Spray of heat in metal cutting (solder) when material how to choose cutting tool material? Different thermal spraying (solder) the function of material and cutting processability difference are very big, thermal spraying should is aimed at when choosing cutting tool material (solder) the sort of material, function and cutting characteristic will decide. The cutting tool stuff that fits cutting has: Add TaC(NbC) to reach exceed fine grain hard alloy, pottery and porcelain and cubic nitrogen to change boracic CBN. (1) to thermal spraying (solder) layer hardness is less than HRC45 material of cupreous radical, iron radical, because hardness is inferior, easier cutting is machined, choose data of current hard alloy cutting tool can. (2) to thermal spraying (solder) layer hardness is HRC55 ~ 65 material of alloy of cobalt radical, nickel radical, the material of hard alloy cutting tool that can choose the stuff place such as alloy of treatment high temperature, high strenth steel and hard steel of temper by dipping in water to use, ask its wearability, bending strength and concussion tenacity are better. Have 610 commonly usedly, 643, 726, 767, YD05, YC12, YM05l, YM052. (3) to thermal spraying (solder) the material such as the cobaltic bag WC that layer hardness is more than HRC65, nickel bag WC and nickel bag Al2O3, should use hardness to be in the material of hard alloy cutting tool of HRA93 above. Have YG3X, YD05, YC12, YM05l, YM052 commonly usedly, 600, 610 etc. (4) uses compound pottery and porcelain and cubic nitrogen to turn material of boracic CBN cutting tool, make the durability of cutting tool rises not only, and cutting speed Yi Kecheng times rise. Recommend data of use cutting tool of pottery and porcelain to SG4, SG5, LT35, LT55 waits. CNC Milling CNC Machining