CimatronE9.0: "Hold pointed part " the strategy application in actual process designing

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We know, when making mould treatment and treatment electrode, as a result of the characteristic of the model, the model below a lot of circumstances is put in edge of move pointed part, but the protection that special caution still needs when we are doing process designing by the side of these pointed horn. In CimatronE9.

In 0 version, we machine the problem by the side of medium pointed horn in the mould to solve this, it is we want what everybody learns together to mix today " hold pointed part " politic. Before learning this strategy, how to when looking not to use this strategy in light of us, do? We are very much the colleague is bit more careful when making form, protect, another is lengthen cutting tool will assure. But such doing if cutting tool is too long, rigid short of, if be being protected not carefully, can make pointed horn process designing round horn, was thought to solve these problems, we will see CimatronE9 together.

0 how to do? See next pictures first (1) what show a part: Graph (1) the treatment that this is an electrode, when we are doing precision work, want special caution place of its a few sharp-angled. Had finished thick program, will look to was not used below " hold pointed part " contrail of politic finish machining cutter track, if pursue (2) be shown: Graph (2) settle on pursues (2) medium cutter track contrail, see horizontal first, those who go is annular cutting, the effect is better, what vertical plane goes is to wait for a high level to cut, efficiency is tall, but you see the connection between horizontal and vertical plane, such cutter track will naturally make original pointed character becomes round part, but do efficiency apart too low. We are used below " hold pointed part " politic, will make this part, edit finish machining strategy above all: According to angle essence mill, define a spare parts in " pointed horn edge " following graphs (3) be shown: Graph (3) (attention: When choosing side of part pointed part, need notices: The outline side the pointed horn of the definition is the outline on curved surface) Nextpage pursues (4) save and calculate, the result pursues as follows (5) be shown: Graph (5) we see this program again, the join between horizontal and vertical plane was done not have, saw the transition between vertical plane also be done not have again, because you adopted next plans,this is (6) what show " short join crosses acerb border " strategy does not have join mediumly. In this strategy child option has 3: Pointed horn join, round horn joins and do not have join, you can undertake choosing according to the actual condition of the product and special requirement. Graph (6) below we this option in " never join " reelect " round horn joins or pointed horn joins " , calculate again, see a result pursue as follows (7) be shown: Graph (7) the graph on Nextpage (7) it is to make sure pointed horn edge uses strategy of round horn connective generated cutter track plan, after giving an option, the according to you geometry appearance with can automatic system undertakes data operation generates appropriate cutter track contrail. Of course, you also can use sharp-angled means to transfer, because there are 3 kinds of meanses to be able to offer an alternative in this strategy,pursue as follows (8) be shown: Graph (8) but we see a picture (7) in the join between indication horizontal and vertical plane was deleted, without cutter track, but if the surplus of vertical plane is very small, question of such cutting of word cutting tool is not big, but if surplus is very large, that eats deep too big cutting tool to be overcome so, so we are aimed at a few special situations occasionally or need has the way to deal with a situation, that sees us below a strategy " chief link crosses even border " tick off in strategy of cutter track contrail anthology " chief link crosses even border " , this nowadays face can appear " chief link shift is apart from " here you can install displacement to be apart from a value, we give 0.

3 (of course this value is not fixed cost, it is OK to give lesser numerical value normally, some time little numerical value is best) . Graph (9) save and calculate, build chute type cutter track, but this is the cutter track after producing displacement, can remove a knife to protect pointed horn action. Graph (10) brief summary: Above is a strategy that pointed horn edge assures when making mould and electrode milling treatment in the light of us, had this strategy we are in process designing when when need lengthen cutting tool no longer or be being machined, will handle, still can improve product quality for us at the same time. CNC Milling CNC Machining