Neat boring of mill of TH6920A of 2 machine tools be born machining center

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Boring of mill of TH6920A be born machining center is to use what the new technology such as contemporary machinery, electric, hydraulic pressure is designed and become, the machine tool of cutting of heavy-duty and general metal with extensive use. Outside the treatment that this machine tool can complete be born boring machine to be able to undertake except the boring axis that has freedom to extend, still have the square ram that extends freely, contain inside square ram milling spindle and boring axis. Through milling spindle Duan Jian can be driven outfit is the orthogonal milling head in square ram front, all-purpose milling head, stretchy milling head and smooth come back dish of main shaft motion that waits for a variety of accessory. This machine tool can implement the heavy cut of big diameter and old plane not only, and face of main aspects of Kong Ji of flank of the lumen that can process a lot of work, lumen, lumen stops mouth. Cooperate circumgyrate workbench to use, can install in many treatment is completed inside card. In the meantime, use technology of linkage of numerical control four-axle the treatment; of the outline outside treatment of area of achievable space place, curved surface and whorl uses numerical control to make the same score come back dish add install special arbor, can machine diametical limits bigger, the taper hole workpiece with angle wider range, satisfy the requirement of special trade work. This machine tool uses system of SINUMERIK 840D of Xi Menzi company numerical control, can realize 7 axes numerical control, random 4 axes linkage. Knife storage capacity measures 60. Boring of mill of be born of TH6920A numerical control equipment of machining center key reachs the national emphasis industry such as the sources of energy at national defence war industry, aerospace, heavy machinery. CNC Milling CNC Machining