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Quantity of heat always can bring a trouble normally. Without doubt, no matter be,fold an integrated circuit or but equipment of embedded type medical treatment, the measure that we make a product is narrowing ceaselessly. The challenge that microelectronics domain faces is: How to carry design and material project, in order to control the quantity of heat of the generation when equipment runs. In sphere of medical treatment device, the challenge that management of quantity of heat faces already extremely urgent. Now, embedded type and have already generally from equipment of medical treatment of form of characters or letters subtle the feature with nicety. This feature asks a kind of new production tool, can machine a feature of micron class resolution, and won't deliver quantity of heat to part of spare parts other. Hot influence area (HAZ) endangers equipment integrality not only, and crop of meeting bring down, add expensive aftertreatment measure. A solution that micron makes issue of the quantity of heat in building is to exceed fast laser technology, this technology has distinctive revolutionary function, can cold ablation any material, no matter be metal, dielectric or polymer. Exceed fast technology why to can bring so complete progress to understand, be necessary to introduce this technology and successive wave in detail (CW) , long pulse (leather second and longer) the essential sex difference between laser technology. Graph 1, in times lower and scan times higher below type electron microscope, via the image of the bracket of nickel titanium alloy that Smart LightMD machines, muscle is wide for 92 micron. Can see area is affected without any heat in the graph. Successive wave laser undertakes ablation through thermodynamic process, through change or burning, undertake local heating to target crystal lattice. Laser of pulse of flying second class is in 700 to 800 flying seconds release in pulse tens of small anxious energy. And the facula dimension range that exceeds fast laser focusing comes for 30 micron diffractive limit, will produce very high light intensity. Those who accompany Gao Guangjiang is the electric field that can cause ionization of report of target much photon. Light sends ionization to will bring about plasma to form, back-to-back move is target ion is electrostatic and radiative. Nevertheless, mere target ionization it is insufficient. Include the time that ionization, plasma is formed and the whole process place of coulomb explosion needs, must be less than quantity of heat to diffuse the time that comes to be needed by place of ablation material bulk. In short, the each pulse that exceeds fast laser is cleared the speed of material piece must fast diffuse by current position at quantity of heat the speed to photograph adjacent material, resemble game of 3 pieces of card a bit. Nevertheless, the card game that attends like footpath is same, this is not magic doohickey, it is the example with faster than second shift armour merely. This pointed out why the pulse duration of laser technology is very important parameter, it decided ablation process is not to have heat, of heat conduction, both still mix. Really, leather second (10-12 second) even accept second (10-9 second) class pulse laser can cause ionization of report of target much photon. Difficulty depends on: Longer pulse diffuses the quantity of heat that brings about laser to deliver whole ablation bulk, enter the crystal lattice all round the target thereby. Even, because the 2 pulse to 3 skins second handle the time of the target enough long, so that can produce hot balance. As a whole, the thermal diffusion of the spare parts can produce fire damage, no matter be hot influence area, melt area, recast, fecal still, changed small structure. Graph 2, the muscle of prototype of bracket of miniature of nickel titanium alloy is wide it is 20 micron about, muscle is thick for 80 micron, next graphs are bracket muscle intersect the enlarge image of place. When material of cleared chunk head, the impact that zonule fire damage brings is not big. But, cleared and subtle, accurate small head data needs in a lot of application, to fire damage patient degree extremely low, even 0 patient. This gives the chance that exceeded fast technology to bring slue. Of course, traditional point of view thinks to exceed fast laser type of build or figure big, fluky, operation is mixed hard expenses is large, apply to scientific test and not be commercial application more. The Raydiance company that is located in Lu Ma of tower of American California handkerchief has been in exceed power of the hair on fast technology, its concept is laser must want to have practical, dependability and conformity to take the ability of modern production platform. Look on technical level, this one concept is meant completely fiber-optic architecture, embedded the computer and systematic control software. Be worth what carry is, this company uses Smart Light MD to exceed the cold ablation function of fast technology, the very harsh treatment in equipment of contented medical treatment, small fluid, solar energy and consumptive electron industry asks. The most convincing proof that reflects cold ablation value probably comes from at sphere of medical treatment device. Shape of week, coronal is mixed outside the production of nerve blood-vessel bracket is to reflect those who exceed fast technology to progress in this one domain is best and paradigmatic. Metallic naked support is general by titanium of stainless steel, nickel the material such as alloy or cobaltic chromic alloy is made. This kind of bracket is a diameter 2 to 3 millimeter, length the 8 cylinder to 32 millimeter. The whole of dimension of thick, muscle and meshy design designs muscle as application and manufacturer different and difference is very big. These special exquisite spare partses are machined on the tradition (muscle is wide it is 80 micron normally) it is laser of pulse of class of use accept second. Narrate by preamble place knowable, this kind of laser brings problem of serious quantity of heat in production process, bring about thereby Mao Bian, slaggy with recast phenomenon. Accordingly, whole industry must cost a large number of energy, financial capacity and manpower on aftertreatment measure, undertake chemistry etchs for cleared blemish for instance. And, the spare parts heat that accept second technology produces affected area to endanger the integrality of the spare parts, lower treatment yield significantly then. Graph 3, the muscle that biology can absorb bracket prototype is wide it is 80 micron about, muscle is thick 150 micron. The real property do not have heat that exceeds fast ablation lets leave out of extremely accurate treatment the cost of the aftertreatment and trouble. Recently, raydiance company revealed the process that machines prototype of bracket of nickel titanium alloy, the tap water ultrasonic that needs 5 minutes merely cleans aftertreatment process. Graph of 1 go up the graph is a diameter below scanning type electron microscope 700 micron, muscle is wide the image of the bracket of laser beam machining of about 92 micron, muscle is thick for 127 micron. From the graph 1 on the image of scanning type electron microscope with graph and enlarge higher multiple (pursue 1 times graph) in can see, cut brim quality is very high, affect area, slaggy, recast and Mao Bian without heat. This company machines bracket of subtler miniature of nickel titanium alloy successfully still, muscle is thick 80 micron, muscle is wide about 20 micron (see a picture 2) . Same, smart Light exceeds quick treatment to won't have any hot effects. The biology that if use traditional accept second and laser of leather second class to come,machines future of delegate bracket market can draw support, can have more problems. This kind of bracket used polymer of low melting point normally, if get together,fused temperature is third alcoholic acid 173 to 178 Celsius, get together alcohol acid fuses temperature is 225 to 230 Celsius, what these polymer affect to more than heat is patient degree mix than nickel titanium alloy even stainless steel is low still. We are preliminary the treatment that revealed these data. Graph the 3 live thing that showed Smart Light is machined can draw support. The muscle of sample bracket is wide for 80 micron, do not have any fusing or the trace of other fire damage. The example of sphere of device of these 3 medical treatment represented the trend with small treatment more broad future. No matter be small,consume an electron, grow day and day when the demand of subtler and subtler spare parts, the cold ablation capacity that exceeds fast laser acts the role with be sent important more in production lieutenant general. Exceed fast laser to be in for example small fluid, piece on treatment of toughened glass of monitor of segregation of laboratory technique, solar battery, electron, and domain of brilliant round section, potential and infinite application waits. Law of photoetching of no less than, chemistry etchs and laser of traditional long pulse etchs like replacing mechanical cut, they also will by exceed fast technology burgeoningly to replace. Exceed fast technology to have the capacity of nicety, cold ablation, still have commerce to make the consistence that environmental place needs and dependability. In addition, software control will be promoted those who transcend fast technology and automation workstation and product line is compositive. Article author Adam C.

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