How is DK7740 line cut installed

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The installation on the workbench of DK7740 line cut has left, right fixed bracket and support of two horizontal strokes, fixed plank floor is organic structure of glass, ensured with the machine tool workbench is isolated from, the anode of pulse power source is linked together through one lead and fixed bracket, go up in bracket when workpiece clamp installation when, receive naturally on positive electrode. In the process of treatment, opposite motion is not had between workpiece and bracket, the contact is good, want column of a wiring only so; Manage together, the negative pole of pulse power source also is worn through lead and silk go up enter electric piece to be linked together, such, when glide of molybdenum silk impaction enters electric piece, also receive went up negative pole; Circumstance of inverting of existence of silk of the molybdenum in the process that machines because of be in, molybdenum silk and on, issue what silk wears to enter Zhang Jin is spent between electric piece different, the contact loosens to be tightened, on reason, next silk wear each to need cylinder of a wiring, no matter molybdenum silk is moved toward,ensure how, always one place enters electric piece and molybdenum silk to be contacted cheek by jowl. CNC Milling CNC Machining