Raise efficiency to contend with numerical control machine tool cost

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Automation rate is high, equipment operation is simple, it is contemporary production enterprise is pressing the target of pursuit. With Ha Si automation machine tool replaced original and common device to reduce the amount of jockey person not only, and improved manufacturing efficiency considerably, final help made an enterprise reduce overall operation cost. Be located in the Chengdu City new and high on the west the Sichuan to Ou Xihua university extremely way cable holds industrial limited company (below cable of abbreviation pole way is installed) be in Xi Hua university (university of former Sichuan industry) be built on the foundation of institute of car technology development and. The research that basically pursues the report such as contemporary car and general dynamic starter, dynamo assembling a product, development, production, sale and science and technology serve. Graph 1 extremely the Ceng Chenggong of electric machinery product of a variety of model that way cable outfit produces applies at Ford, Feng Tian, Ou Baohe contemporary the car that waits for 100 many model and one-cylinder, double crock is general dynamical starter, the product is sold toward more than 20 countries and area " we are one of personnel that a batch of home's earliest schools are engaged in automobile industry considering, basically be engaged in the research of control a powerful person of car engine and treatment at that time, the idle that still has car air conditioning fast device. " since after-thought 1992 extremely way cable outfit establishs earlier condition, the myriad of deep feeling of week sign language that company president holds technology of car of Xi Hua university concurrently to develop institute director, "The control a powerful person that we produce can reduce car fuel effectively discharge and use up, already was in lead position in home at that time, can replace congener entrance product. " Zhou Zhiwen's director is graduated from major of Tsinghua university car, it is new China the earliest and one of devotes oneself to a car to make research experts with not much amount to, a few years admire research, to domestic machine tool production industry is familiar with quite, extremely authoritative also, guide in his below, through development of ten years, extremely way cable outfit has been become from the small group development of first 229 people annual the big company that produces many 10 product, the field is created in starter of car, current motive force, dynamo little famous energy of life, its the product of 400 many model applies already successfully at Ford, Feng Tian, 3 water chestnut, day to produce, Ou Baohe is this cropland, masses, Kelaisile, contemporary the car that waits for 100 many model and one-cylinder, double crock is general motivation, the product is sold toward more than 20 countries and area. Extremely way cable assembles the product that buys Ha Si for the first time is 2006 in July, as a result of before ever American client brought many electric machinery sample to let extremely way cable outfit machines production, the pattern that develops these electric machinery first then became the first class major issue before production is started. "However, we the equipment at that time cannot achieve this one requirement, then I thought of the machining center of Ha Si company. " Zhou Zhiwen's director says. Because in Beijing held CIMT was exhibited 2005,meet the equipment that the law that sign language strong point once passed one of Ha Si's agents last week believes a company to had visited Ha Si to exhibit, impression is very deep. "Say at that time is we contact a law actively to believe a company first so, the hope can understand a few situations of machining center of Ha Si company in detail further, " Zhou Zhiwen's director thinks back to the case at that time, "Actually we had bought the machine tool of another brand, bought 5 at that time, arrived first 1, every price wants Bihasi the machine tool is low 10 much, but machine the product quality that come out to cannot reach our level, make a prompt decision, we immediately break down agreement, after the element such as the function that understood Ha Si product and price, chose Ha Si's machining center finally, it is better that because we feel,product sex price of Ha Si is compared. " for the first time, extremely way cable outfit bought machining center of 4 Ha Si at a dash: Machining center of mould of a VM-2, machining center of vertical of a VF-1 and two MiniMill confuse your mill machining center, and the electric machinery pattern that machining center of all these 4 Ha Si use treatment to be badly in need of at that time. From the point of actual later treatment condition, extremely way cable is installed at the outset the choice is correct. Graph 2 extremely the mould Nextpage that way cable outfit is versed in with Hasijia the center is made is efficient be equal to low cost " equipment automation rate of Ha Si is very high, and adaptability is very wide, suit an enterprise to be engaged in machine treatment production particularly. " when Zhou Zhiwen's director tells about the experience of machine tool of use Ha Si to us, express, "We also had used the congener product of domestic and international other trademark previously, but its are far to machining the adaptability of the spare parts so good without Ha Si machine tool. " in order to machine 1.

The good stuff of 5m is exemple, extremely the element demand such as public errand of the exterior surface roughness that the machine tool that has used before way cable outfit processes work to waiting for, dimension is relative slashing, after wanting to pass working procedure of a rough machining to achieve particular demand first namely, ability can undertake rework, but the machine tool of use Ha Si is nonexistent this problem, it is all and OK to expect from original club treatment becomes final tall accurate part be finished on Ha Si machine tool and need not additional facility, increase additional process. "The treatment facility that has tall adaptability so like Ha Si suits contemporary production company to be engaged in machining the task extremely. " Zhou Zhiwen's director expresses, "And the development with equipment so old course of Ha Si already seriation, no matter be the equipment everything needed is ready such as machining center or lathe, be helpful for satisfying different client requirement. " because automation rate is high, after the numerical control machine tool that uses Ha Si, reduced greatly extremely the overall operation cost that way cable holds, "We operate a worker every to be able to attend a facility only before, efficiency on the low side, and the facility that two workers can attend 3 Ha Si now, and the target in the future is to resemble developed country study, a skilled worker worker can attend 2 even 3 equipment. And, after using Ha Si device, yield to also rise greatly, we make an example with machining such good stuff likewise: Every equipment can process such 50 work everyday previously, the device that uses Ha Si can process 400 similar work everyday. Total consideration comes down, although buy Ha Si the price of equipment is not low, but after using its device, overall efficiency raised 5~8 times, reduced total finished cost considerably, if buy 2 machine tools, can process 800 work everyday, this will be what kind of produce can ah! " say of deep feeling of Zhou Zhiwen's director. "A bit more important, ha Si's equipment is automation, workpiece does not suffer the interference of factitious element in machining a process, the dimension of finished product and tolerancepublic errand performance are very steady, successful rate of the spare parts is very high, no matter process how many product,be in same quality standard. " Zhou Zhiwen's director says frankly. Graph the car that 3 engineers are checking according to machining craft CNC Machining program increases cable of investment pole way to hold production uses component, electric machinery to though dimension is not very big,wait, but its mould structure is very complex, demand of finished product quality is high. 4 Hasijia that buy at first are versed in the center basically is used at the mould to make namely, with the research and development of early days product. After be being bought for the first time before long, extremely the SL-10 that way cable outfit purchased 3 Ha Si again is automatic lathe, in addition still deployed food chute of servo of a Ha Si 300. As a result of extremely the order that way cable holds is more, treatment task is accordingly onerous, these equipment of Ha Si run in high speed everyday, average every Nature's engineering makes time be controlled in 12h, "In us extremely path, lathe of Ha Si numerical control basically is used at machining a car to use part of electric machinery axis, machining center basically produces model of aluminium alloy Die Casting, and treatment is sophisticated model antrum, it is to had made up program hind to be machined automatically commonly, treatment is finished. Product precision can be achieved 0.

005mm. The stability that Ha Silian add runs and reliability are very high also, taller than other machine tool at least 30% . " Zhou Zhiwen's director says so, "And equipment operation of Ha Si rises very simple, very easy adroitness masters the worker. Of course, if Ha Si's equipment can homebred change, cost and price are reduced necessarily, sexual price is compared will go up again undoubtedly with competitive actual strength a step, and we these production companies can be benefited from which of course. " Zhou Zhiwen's director thinks to be compared with developed country photograph, machinery is made still be in in China start level, china should be the oldest car on the world makes a state, the biggest car component makes a state, such looking extremely the development prospect that way cable holds is quite capacious. "Our workshop still has 80 common lathe of the left and right sides now, according to our early days try the condition that run to look, lathe of 10 numerical control can replace these common lathe, overall come down quite, will save a large sum of expense. " the service to Ha Si, zhou Zhiwen's director also is profuse in praise: "Ha Si's service is particularly good, resemble the 4S inn of the car, although at the outset we exhibit what Ha Si ordered directly on the meeting in Beijing machine, but some still are in the heart,be at ease hard, the machine tool that the United States imports, dare not decide after service is met how, arrive till the machine tool, the service that discovers Ha Si is first-rate, the engineer that has problem Ha Si can give the fastest technology support immediately, this the machine tool has for example a pump gave trouble, chongqing HFO moves goods to come over from headquarters immediately, with the fastest rate service. Make an example again, if I am bought,one runs quickly car, can give trouble even I open Beijing to repair, then I dare be not bought for certain, after service is exceedingly so important, and in Ha Si, chongqing can give us the support after best carry out. Accordingly, OK and affirmative ground says, we still can purchase second half of the year 2008 Ha Si's equipment. We still can purchase second half of the year 2008 Ha Si's equipment.. CNC Milling CNC Machining