Spot of transducer of blue Hai Huateng debugs guidance -- application of machine tool main shaft

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One, transducer wiring and try move to vacate transducer user manual to undertake correct wiring according to La Haihua please, receive three-phase power supply cord to R, S, T, electric machinery line is received to U, V, W, resistor of apply the brake is received to ⊕ 2/B1, B2; Will muti_function digital input terminal receives the X1 ~ X7 to control terminal, muti_function digital output terminal receives the Y1 ~ Y2 to control terminal, digital terminal ground receives COM; Imitate voltage gives signal to receive the AI1 ~ AI3 to control terminal, imitate voltage ground is received to GND; After electrify, setting transducer is the biggest output frequency P0.

11, P0 of voltage of the biggest output.

12, P0 of frequency of transducer upper limit.

13, basic frequency P0.

15, by the dot the M that move key tries move, it is normal to observe whether electric machinery rotates, change direction correct, if electric machinery rotates,allow electric machinery two-phase wiring exchange please reversely can. 2, after electric machinery of functional set come away is laden, electrify sets electric machinery parameter, input P9 correctly according to electric machinery nameplate please.

00 ~ P9.

04, p9.

15 set for 2, by RUN key undertakes electric machinery parameter is rectified oneself calm, rectify oneself during deciding, operation face plate shows " - At- " . If use V/F,control (P0.

03=0) , need to undertake still be rectifyinged oneself deciding only can (P9.

15 set for 1 rectify oneself calm) . Parameter connects electrify plane load after making calm end, have functional set: 1, the setting controls operation pattern P0.

03: V/F controls P0.

03=0; Open loop vector controls P0.

03=4, closed circuit vector controls P0.

03=8; Setting open loop advocate give means P0.

04, if pass imitate quantity to give and imitate quantity input is received to AI1, please P0.

04 set for 1; The setting runs a command to give means P0.

06, if pass terminal to give positive and negative to turn,dictate, please P0.

06 set for 1; 2, in P5.

00 ~ P5.

06 in function of set number terminal: If turning,terminal is received to X1, invert terminal is received to X2, stop terminal urgently to receive to X3, breakdown restoration terminal is received to X4, criterion P5.

00 set for 02, p5.

01 set for 03, p5.

02 set for 26, p5.

03 set for 20; 3, set imitate quantity gives curvilinear P6.

00 ~ P6.

04: If imitate quantity gives range 0 ~ 10V, corresponding frequency limits 0 ~ 200HZ, criterion P6.


0% , p6.


0HZ, p6.

03=100% , p6.

04=200HZ, among them P6.

01 with P6.

The 03 per cent that are 10V. If imitate quantity gives range 0 ~ 5V is corresponding 0 ~ 200HZ, criterion P6.


0% , p6.


0HZ, p6.

03=50% , p6.

04=200HZ. Adjust P6.

00 ~ P6.

04 can give a curve to undertake adjustment to imitate quantity; 4, in P7.

00 ~ P7.

02 in set number outputs terminal function: If Y1 terminal is transducer breakdown output, p7.

00 set for 14. 3, move transducer can move after debugging functional set to finish, can rise slowly right now fast, it is normal that observation nods electric machinery to move in different frequency, whether does the deviation of set rotate speed and actual rotate speed pass big, if error is big,adjust please P6.

00 ~ P6.

Quantity of 04 pairs of imitate gives a curve to undertake fine tuning. 1, taller to cutting frequency machine tool, can use V/F control. Use V/F control is debugged simple, need not electric machinery takes off an axis to be rectified oneself calm, those who do not have speed annulus debug, also can have better static dynamic performance likewise. When use V/F is controlled, can undertake after imitate measures curvilinear calibration the 2nd pace below is debugged with the 3rd pace. 2, control to open loop vector and closed circuit vector, in different frequency the dot observes electric machinery has do not have vibration or speed wave motion is big, if have vibration,adjust the parameter Pd of speed annulus appropriately please.

01 ~ Pd.

05: Pd.

01: 1 Pd of gain of speed annulus scale.

02: Speed annulus accumulates the 1 Pd between time-sharing.

03: 2 Pd of gain of speed annulus scale.

04: Speed annulus accumulates the 2 Pd between time-sharing.

05: ASR switch frequency 3, if be inside whole speed limits,did not appear electric machinery is oscillatory, but Pd of ASR switch frequency.

05 settings give priority to the 3 times above of axial cutting frequency, be like cutting frequency 20HZ, but Pd.

05 set for 60HZ above; 4, if be in,vibration appears when high speed, please Pd.

05 set in nod under oscillatory frequency slightly, if electric machinery is in,vibration appears when above of prep above 130HZ, but Pd.

05 set for 100HZ, reduce Pd next.

01 to high speed not oscillatory can; Reduce add slowdown time P0.

08 with P0.

09, undertake decelerate checks be addinged quickly, there is as good as in watching dynamic process constant; Cutting is debugged there can be a speed to decline commonly in electric machinery of feed cutting instant the process that picks up next, the more or less can carry speed ring parameter that speed declines undertakes adjustment. Above Pd already was installed in the 1st pace.

05 make cutting frequency is less than ASR switch frequency, because this needs only right now,adjust Pd.

03 with Pd.

04. Increase Pd appropriately.

03 and reduce Pd.

04 can reduce speed instant to decline quantity. 4, of closed circuit vector debug at present, I manage transducer already used closed circuit vector to control plan to be in much home to machine tool user applies or already tried machine, the experiment makes clear, control at open loop vector relatively, no matter function of main shaft of machine tool of pilot of vector of use closed circuit is a static state firm fast precision or trends are answered should get primely much. If the speed wave motion of main shaft all does not exceed 1rpm, the speed of feed cutting instant declines all do not exceed 5rpm. The much point that still can achieve main shaft additionally is directional. And the existing coder that the pulse coder that control of closed circuit vector uses is installation to go up in main shaft, not additional raise too much cost. The user needs to introduce coder signal transducer PG to get stuck only can. When vector of use closed circuit is controlled, need the relevant parameter of set coder. Coder every turn pulse is counted (Pd.

21) according to solid set, because coder is general,not be electric machinery axis additionally go up, should install the drive between electric machinery and coder to compare so (Pd.

24) , this parameter defines those who be the rotate speed of the rotate speed of electric machinery and coder to compare. Be like: Electric machinery every rotate 6 turn, coder rotates 5 turn, so right now decelerate is compared for 6/5=1.

2, install parameter Pd please.


200. Of the others debug and open loop vector is identical. 5, problem and solve 1, electric machinery is turning only cannot invert: P3.

09 prevent invert the alternative is effective, p3.

09 set for 0 express to allow to invert; 2, electric machinery decelerate is slow: Whether has been resistor of apply the brake received go up and PA.

09 already set for 1; Add: To Pd of speed annulus parameter.

01 ~ Pd.

The specification of 05: Pd.

03 with Pd.

04 be 0 fast the speed annulus coefficient when, pd.

01 with Pd.

02 it is traversal speed is more than Pd.

The 05 speed annulus coefficient when, speed is less than Pd.

05 when PI parameter linear transfers. The coefficient when high speed is too big easy oscillation, so the speed annulus coefficient when high speed needs to set a few smaller, but too minor rate exceeds tone big, the attention when be being debugged is depressed when assuring high speed Pd increases appropriately below the condition that wave.

01. Speed annulus coefficient increases to be able to make trends is answered when cutting including when low speed accelerate, decrease dash forward the speed when increasing load declines quantity. Citing: Transducer installs Pd.

05=5HZ, pd.

01 = 2.

0, pd.


0: Here the setting falls, be more than when speed when be equal to 5HZ, coefficient of proportionality is equal to speed annulus 2.

0, speed is equal to for zero hour coefficient 3.

0, when speed is 1HZ according to on graph but cipher out coefficient is 2.

8. When the machine tool is debugged but first Pd.

05 set a few bigger, if cutting speed is 10HZ, right now Pd.

05 set for 50HZ, pd.

01 for 2.

0, adjust Pd right now.

03, in order to increase cutting power, for example Pd.

03 set for 3.

0, criterion the corresponding coefficient when 10HZ cutting is 2.

8. Such OK at the same time the cutting force when low speed of give attention to two or morethings is mixed the stability when high speed. Above with citing of coefficient of proportionality, integral time is same also. Different is, integral time is less, the adjustment of speed annulus action is stronger. CNC Milling CNC Machining