Lathe treatment arranges a principle orderly

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Principle of go ahead of the rest of 1) lathe datum plane. Use as the surface with fiducial essence should preferential treatment comes out, because locate fiducial surface is jumped over accurate, the error that hold clip is smaller. Because lathe falls 40 outside the circle is coaxial those who spend is fiducial, answer to machine this surface above all so, rework is other the surface. 2) lathe first thick hind principle of essence of life. The order that the treatment of each surfaces processes nicety of _ of _+ finish machining according to rough machining Xie Banjing orderly is ordinal undertake, the treatment precision that improves the appearance stage by stage and reduce exterior surface roughness to be worth. 3) lathe first advocate hind second principle. The main job surface of the spare parts, assemble tool reference plane to should be machined first, thereby can the flaw that as soon as possible discovers to main surface may appear in semifinished product. Lathe secondary surface can alternate undertake, it is certain to be put in main treatment surface to be machined the advancement of degree hind, final precision work goes. 4) lathe first close hind far principle. Normally the circumstance falls, after workpiece holds clip, close from tool carrier place is machined first, from the treatment after the place with far tool carrier, so that shorten,cutting tool shift is apart from, reduce idle stroke time, and the cut sex that still is helpful for carrying blank or semi-manufactured goods, improve its cutting condition. The aperture inside lathe spare parts, should machine first inside conic aperture, the aperture inside rework φ 30mm, machine the aperture inside φ 20mm finally. CNC Milling CNC Machining