Sheet Metal Fabrication wants by arrive infirmly strong, need straight range what kind of life

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Above of dimensions of industry of our country Sheet Metal Fabrication (50 people) enterprise (or workshop) about 2.

50 thousand, from personnel of course of study 2.5 million person, year sale makes an appointment with 753.5 billion yuan. Through rapid development of more than 30 years, although industry of our country Sheet Metal Fabrication had been experienced from do not have have, develop a process to big quantitative change as a child. The dimensions year after year of industry of gold of our country Ban expands, sales revenue increases ceaselessly, but existence problem also theres is no lack of in developing a process: ① international market demand is ceaseless and atrophic (home, outside double extruding) the demand of home market did not form ② of;     blind of ③ of;     repeats construction, cause produce ④ of   of   of can superfluous; low class, coessential change manage, create the malign competition of the market. Have form stage by stage " not the market, do not have a meal to eat; to have the market, earn without money " the trend of the situation. If want to come true to leap from what arrive to pledge by force infirmly, be about the problem that exists before straight face, we undertake an analysis from the development state of affairs of each area of Sheet Metal Fabrication first. 1.

Bead trigonometry area bead trigonometry area is birthplace of industry of our country Sheet Metal Fabrication, of skill of real Ban gold CNC Machining gain ground with development, production industry of profit from communication erupts type develops. Wait for the be born of foreign capital enterprise as Cisco, bright dispatch, at the same time with China for, the communication equipment manufacturer that report of north of resurgence, Guangdong heads, and product of numerous IT large electron (network, equipment) the development of the industry, engineering capability and market demand adjust each other, facilitated bead engineering capability of trigonometry Sheet Metal Fabrication is strong current situation of as total as dimensions generous. Involve an industry to distributing very extensive, relative to what center quite the industry has: Industry of communication equipment production industry, elevator production industry, low-pressure electric equipment, large trade is global equipment (recreation of air conditioning, finance, traffic, medical treatment, game is waited a moment) , equipment of electrical engineering electron. Bead trigonometry area divides an industry to collect the ground. The first is bead trigonometry east bank area (the) such as city of Shenzhen, Dongguan, benefit, because China of manufacturing industry of Shenzhen communication equipment is, resurgence the demand of two big firms is exuberant, conservative estimation has Home 1200~1800, have 50~80 about from personnel of course of study 10 thousand people. The 2nd is bead area of trigonometry provincial capital () of Guangzhou, Fosan, "Big Guangzhou " the enterprise of Sheet Metal Fabrication of the area has on 1000, make an appointment with 300 thousand person from personnel of course of study. The 3rd is bead trigonometry on the west bank area (the) such as door of Zhongshan, river, Zhuhai, suitable heart, because manufacturing industry of home appliance, elevator, lamps and lanterns develops, force of the division in the production trade that uses air conditioning in business for example, beautiful wait for an enterprise, 30~40 stage turns tower punching machine, a few numerical control lose curved chance, capability of Sheet Metal Fabrication is very strong. 2.

Long triangle area occupies statistic, measure of company of gold of Ban of long triangle area should with bead trigonometry is in same amount class, already exceeded even. With bead trigonometry area is not quite same is, the client place that place of industry of gold of Ban of long triangle area serves belongs to an industry more dispersive, the manufacturing form of small lot, much breed is more apparent. Swarm into as a large number of foreign enterprises, company of gold of long triangle Ban pledges measure and get on administrative pattern in the product the influence of foreign capital client, the demand is higher, system is more perfect also. Preliminary estimation, company of gold of Shanghai area Ban has 600 or so, if well-known company is power graph, medium the; such as hair in recent years, because suffer industrial land place to be restricted, the change outside a large number of enterprises arrives Suzhou, without and other places of stannum, Changzhou, Nantong. The industry of Sheet Metal Fabrication of Jiangsu starts in the whole nation earlier, be in lead position all the time. Through development of more than 20 years, industry of Jiangsu Sheet Metal Fabrication already was formed gradually specialization, the industry feature that dimensions changes. Among them, suzhou is enterprise of Sheet Metal Fabrication is important collect the ground, at present enterprise of Suzhou Sheet Metal Fabrication has had 1000, annual produce has tens of home companies more than 100 million yuan. Nantong sea installs a county to have " the countryside of elevator fittings " good name, with abstruse this, day stands, the form a complete set such as 3 water chestnut, Aidengbao, hold 45% market share of domestic. Company of Zhejiang Ban gold is opposite Jiangsu amount is a few less, nevertheless also a few preeminent companies are in an enterprise dimensions, production management and operation mode respect have can encircle the part that can order. In addition, step of measure of requirement of switch ark business is very big, be like 10 thousand accuse, the; Sheng city such as peaceful, Delixi has " the countryside of kitchen utensils and appliances " good name, have enterprise of kitchen utensils and appliances and company of corresponding form a complete set Na Xun of nearly 500 or so; has " the countryside of elevator " beautiful praise, elevator and company of production of form a complete set more than 140; in addition, company of elevator of Hangzhou, peaceful wave is numerous. This area develops the characteristic of better business: ① is big and complete, but all-around undertaking machining ② of;     is right on industrial catenary, undertake downstream outspread. 3.

Business of the industry of gold of Ban of area of Bohai Sea of annulus of area of Beijing ferry look forward to that make saves county of sweet river of town of city of green county, Langfang to give priority to with Heibei should collect the ground. The company with item category, higher level of management is distributed at Beijing, Tianjin two ground. Will look with respect to countrywide limits, level of the management of the company of gold of Ban of area of annulus Bohai Sea that make, informatization is not very high, whole is in backward level. Industry of Beijing Ban gold starts earlier, manufacturing facilities is advanced, technical craft is masterly, item category is taller. But from " technology of industry of Beijing industry pollution, production is adjusted exit reach equipment to wash out catalog " since releasing, already company of gold of a batch of Ban is forced change is gone to circumjacent each district, or minute of plant is built in other area, or buy land to reserve, to the industry development causes certain effect. Heibei saves city of dark blue state is industry of northward Sheet Metal Fabrication to collect the ground, among them, green county and south leather county is two collect an area greatly. Among them, production of ark of machine of green county box and associated fluctuation swim enterprise in all more than 550, from personnel of course of study nearly 25? 000, major company production value is in 1000~4000 10 thousand yuan between, dimensions company is less. Give priority to in order to produce the ark of machine of the box that be not mark of low additional cost mostly. Leather county has Ban gold to make a company south 498, basically produce gold of Ban of crust of all sorts of box machine ark, power source, car to wait, annual produce 3.5 billion yuan. Annual produce crosses 100 million enterprises to have 5. The partial area that the proprietor of an enterprise of gold of Langfang city Ban that make should distributing to install He Wenan county of city of county, bully state in city of sweet river county, 3 rivers, solid. Among them, with dimensions of sweet river county bigger and relatively concentration, canal mouth presses down sweet river county to have Ban gold company in all 350, but year sales revenue achieves 40 million yuan of above have 6 only. 4.

Property of gold of southwest southwest Ban distributings relatively disequilibrium, ban gold proprietor of an enterprise should distributing to be mixed in Chengdu Chongqing area. Chengdu area has the Ban gold company of certain and professional dimensions to have more than 180, chengdu periphery if Yang Heshuang of De Yang, continous sheds an area to have more than 20 probably, among them the production of form a complete set that majority is state-owned company. Accompanying the plan and construction of developing zone of the economy that become change, around the development of dominant industry, the Ban gold company of Chengdu area is progressively to specialization, dimensions is changed and the way of industry of high additional cost develops. Look from enterprise dimensions, the Ban gold company of 500 people above has 56, the enterprise of 100 people above has about a hundred. Production value exceeds 100 million yuan enterprise to have 5, most company production value exceeds ten million. As western the ceaseless development of big development, electric company enters more and more large electrons be stationed in Chengdu. Develop to this kind to answer, association of Chengdu Ban gold and collaboration of government office of civil administration of person of continous bamboo city built garden of Ban gold property 2011. First phase of this industry garden plans 1200 mus to use the land, total investment amounts to 12 billion yuan, the program produces per year nearly 5 billion yuan, profit tax 400 million yuan. 5.

Mid area basically includes mid area Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Henan, among them, industry of Wuhan Sheet Metal Fabrication relatively concentration. As we have learned, at present the factory of Sheet Metal Fabrication of Wuhan has many 120, production value dimensions makes an appointment with 12 billion yuan, outside exceeding 100 million yuan except the annual produce of the business of more wholesale form a complete set such as home appliance, IT, communication, 1000~3000 of dimensions of annual produce of factory of gold of about 20% Ban 10 thousand yuan, the others annual produce is in 10 million yuan the following. Property of gold of Ban of and other places of Henan Zhengzhou, Xu Chang, Luoyang also relatively develop, connect for Xu Ji, dark source, eaves on behalf of the enterprise, Heng Tian. And other places of Hunan Changsha, individual plant continent, constant heart also is enterprise of Sheet Metal Fabrication collect the ground, the car in be like on behalf of the enterprise, day one, horse of couplet of look forward to, southern, day, sea lion. Anhui Hefei is enterprise of another Sheet Metal Fabrication collects the ground, delegate enterprise if support of the people, fast, complete gold, Rong Yu, firm achieve, Jin Yu. 6.

Other area removes afore-mentioned section outside, northeastern 3 provinces, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Guangxi, Fujian and area of Yun Guigan and other places also are distributinging business of much Sheet Metal Fabrication, but global scope is lesser, main service at electric power electric, building materials (wall of door course of study, act) , traffic of furniture of kitchen utensils and appliances, office, orbit, aerospace, new energy resources (nuclear report, wind energy, solar energy) wait for an industry, have a plenty of the Ban gold workshop of the administer below large state-owend enterprise, like Shen Fei, Xi Fei, south the; such as car, north car is had a plenty of wait for enterprise form a complete set for report of Gao Tie, subway, nucleus, the Ban gold that the technology asks taller; still has a few passenger cars and special car company (punch) workshop, the structural workshop of enterprise of electric equipment of a few power, and the Ban gold that a batch of professional generation are versed in produces a business. Relative to character, in the He Huana on industrial dimensions and technical level, Huadongde division business has certain difference, market competition is not quite sufficient also. Verdict is distributed from district of industry of above Sheet Metal Fabrication in, discover not hard, the regional development of industry of our country Sheet Metal Fabrication is not balanced, because its Central Plains is very much. Will tell low end of industry of our country Sheet Metal Fabrication to repeat construction on the whole serious, market competition situation is abominable layout of whole of enterprise of;Sheet Metal Fabrication is dispersive, individual dimensions equipment of lesser, technology is backward, product precision is inferior, quality stability is poor, the cycle that offer money is longer, administrative measure is original, informatization rate is low, demand of the high end in development of existing from contented our country manufacturing industry still has very big difference. Potential of development of market of Sheet Metal Fabrication is tremendous, this are beyond question, but mining comes out and should make this one latent capacity its effect is the biggest change, the colleague inside need course of study hand in hand, make brand-new aspect jointly. CNC Milling CNC Machining