XK713 lathe bed CNC Milling

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The milling machine of type of lathe bed of XK713 numerical control that development of Inc. of Nantong freely international produces is to drawing the design on foundation of advanced technique of CNC Milling of American TREE company, box of its main shaft undertook according to user demand great improve, choose the rotate speed that different drive compares and torque, can change high speed milling head. This machine tool uses position of vertical main shaft and cross shuttle table, the structure is compact, modelling is beautiful, overall precision is tall, rigid good, system of numerical control of form a complete set is FANUC-0MD, communicate servo of main shaft, communication, can realize four-axle three linkage. This machine function is all ready, the operation is convenient, have the characteristic of hi-tech level and high quality. The experts that attend appraisal think: This product obtained domestic congener product advanced level. Utility and milling machine of type of lathe bed of characteristic XK713 numerical control are the new product that development of Inc. of Nantong freely international develops, light-duty norms is belonged to in range of products of CNC Milling of Inc. of Nantong freely international. This machine tool layout is vertical main shaft, cross workbench structure, the structure is compact, size range of pipe bent is extensive. Four-axle can come true after choosing numerical control revolving stage three linkage, can change high speed milling head. Give priority to in order to get used to domestic craft demand and craft level on function, be opposite in order to satisfy an user medium or small mechanical spare parts and mould treatment are main goal, exert oneself raises the performance/price ratio of the machine tool, apply to villages and towns and individual business user especially. Mesa of technical parameter job accumulates 350 × 1220mm 3 to the journey axis of main shaft of 400 × 500mm carries 600 × to be apart from center of main shaft of 125 ~ 625mm to be apart from rotate speed of main shaft of ISO40 of taper hole of 420mm main shaft to slideway to workbench 45 ~ 4500r/min advocate electric machinery power 5.


5kw workbench is the biggest bearing ± of precision of fixed position of 10000mm/min of speed of fast feed of 1-5000mm/min of speed of 500kg cutting feed 0.

013mm repeats ± of fixed position precision 0.

005mm controls systematic function brief introduction to control number of axle: Number of axle of 3 axes linkage: 3 axes are the smallest input unit: 0.

001mm is the smallest export an unit: 0.

001mm is the biggest instruction limits: 99999.

999mm interpolation type: Linear, circular arc (cross quadrant automatically) process designing format: ISO program inputs means: Clavier, RS232 shows pattern: 9"CRT CNC Milling CNC Machining