The boring of big diameter aperture is machined

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Boring is a kind of commonly used narrow opening machines a method, but the boring treatment of big diameter aperture is a Leakey that is not everybody to all can be participated in however the market. Agree Ron West of manager of product of offer company whole world points out, "According to disparate industry, in certain production domain, you can find a few workshops with not much amount to possibly to be able to be engaged in treatment of big diameter boring only. Be engaged in this kind of treatment for a long time needing to have large treatment facilities and technical skill. " a lot of boring cutter manufacturer think, the aperture of diametical 200mm above belongs to large hole, of this kind of measure bore hole treatment is quite common. Nevertheless, do not have uniform standard to the definition of large hole. Karl Hochuli of president of company of Wohlhaupter of manufacturer of German boring cutter says, "The treatment diameter of large boring cutter is in 1m above, tool industry regards the aperture under 1m as the standard norms normally. But to us, 3.

The aperture under 25m belongs to standard norms. " the field that need has big diameter boring is machined to workpiece includes the industry such as the sources of energy, shipbuilding, mining, building. Company of Big Kaiser accurate tool machines manager Matt Tegelman to express, "In oil and natural gas industry, our need is a lot of righter relatively lesser inside limits of large hole measure (diametical 500mm is the following) aperture undertakes boring is machined, this kind of spare parts includes pump of all sorts of valve, device that prevent gush, fracture to wait. " thick boring, half essence boring and boring of essence of life are opposite before big diameter aperture undertakes boring is machined, job shops should undertake hole milling of circular arc interpolation with milling cutter normally, in order to excise surplus of major semifinished product, stay only just the mental allowance of quite thick boring and boring of essence of life. Thick boring cutter is double blade boring cutter normally. Pat Nehls of manager of product of company of Walter United States says, "According to different treatment condition, thick boring can be used 12.

5mm or bigger cut deep. If the precision demand to aperture is not quite high (it is ± like dimension public errand 0.

When 13 Mm) , can consider to use the cutting tool that can finish thick boring and boring of essence of life at the same time in be machined. " when aperture of boring big diameter, metallic excision ability may get the machine tool is rated the limitation of torque. For example, if want to use the boring cutter of diametical 1m to be cut with the odd side of 13mm,measure excision workpiece material greatly, be more than with respect to need 3, the torque of 000Nm, and present machine tool satisfies this one requirement impossibly. Machine the big Kong Shi of this kind of aperture, can use 1.

5 - the odd side of 3mm cuts deep amount. Use in the begining 1.

The odd side of 5mm cuts deep amount, increase gradually next, achieve till machine tool and cutting tool bear till upper limit. Boring cutter of essence of life is odd blade boring cutter normally. When large hole of boring of essence of life, the mental allowance that needs excision is normally 0.

5 - 0.

8mm. Also can replace thick boring cutter and boring cutter of essence of life with combined-type thick boring cutter. This kind of cutting tool uses installation to make the same score razor blade of two on the face thick boring in different axial, can excise times doubler mental allowance through taking a knife. When with Shuang Ren thick boring cutter is machined, two razor blade have identical length, contact workpiece at the same time. And a razor blade of combined-type thick boring cutter is a bit a few longer than another razor blade (if grow,go out 0.

30 - 0.

38mm) , cutting of crisscross of two razor blade. Longer razor blade contacts workpiece above all, excise in workpiece a side 9.

5 - the surplus of 10mm, excise the treatment capacity of others by shorter razor blade next. Two razor blade also can excise identical mental allowance in workpiece other a side. Accordingly, thick boring cutter of this kind of combined-type can walk along the excision in the knife in more workpiece material. Same principle also applicable is machined at thick boring and boring of essence of life. Undertake thick boring to workpiece by thick boring razor blade above all, and the diameter holding a knife of razor blade of boring of essence of life makes its can finish boring of essence of life accurately to machine. Hochuli says, "If be in workpiece a side, the axial installation length of thick boring razor blade is longer than razor blade of boring of essence of life 0.

3 - 0.

5mm, can achieve good appearance bright and clean degree, excise more mental allowance in taking a knife. We call way of this kind of treatment combined-type half essence boring and boring of essence of life. " however, treatment of very tall to exterior quality requirement boring of essence of life needs to use odd blade boring tool. Treatment surface is bright and clean degree depend on normally radius of circular arc of point of a knife. For example, it is with radius of circular arc of point of a knife 0.

When the razor blade of boring of essence of life of 2mm is machined, if feed exceeds 0.

2mm (be more than radius of circular arc of point of a knife namely) , exterior quality can worsen. Hochuli says, "If your feed is less than value of radius of circular arc of point of a knife from beginning to end, can achieve good appearance bright and clean degree. Feed is bigger, bright and clean degree poorer. " normally the circumstance falls, as the accretion that machines bore diameter, dimension public errand asks to also relax somewhat. The Tegelman complement of BIG Kaiser says, "Should bore hole when the diameter exceeds 250mm, requirement measure public errand is less than 1/1, 000 or 2/1, the circumstance of 000 does not see more. " big diameter boring cutter to realize large hole boring, what boring cutter manufacturer collects appliance to have slide block and bridge-type structure normally is modular boring system. Effectively change bores hole diameter, make the user need not decide the special boring tool that makes all sorts of measure. Tegelman says, "For example, our essence has 4 main parts normally on boring cutter: Head of boring of flange, stretchy slide block, essence and deserve to weigh. If need boring the aperture of bigger diameter, need to adjust stretchy slide block only can. " to reduce negative charge, component of a few boring cutter uses aluminium alloy to make. Hochuli says, "Cutting tool weight is crucial. Boring cutter is heavier, negative charge of susceptive of machine tool main shaft is bigger. If what use boring tool too heavy, extend Kong Zhongshi when its, the height that cutting tool forehead is in (treatment is planar) change with respect to likelihood happening, produce older way to jump thereby error. This is so called ' horny quadrature ' . " change knife manipulator automatically to also must be had enough great power, ability installs large boring cutter go up to machine tool main shaft and go up from main shaft debus. And use aluminium to make a component can reduce boring cutter weight, make the user need not assemble and unassemble with the hand changes way or using a bridge crane giant and heavy large boring cutter. The Nehls of company of Walter United States points out, when library of knife of machine tool of replace of will large boring cutter, may the blade holder that block holds off photograph adjacent, decrease thereby can lade the amount of cutting tool. He says, "We use to turn receive implement, rotate boring cutter 90 ° , make its erect place, such won't the blade holder of adjacent of keep out photograph. " when boring large hole, the main shaft rotate speed of the machine tool normally not tall, it is about 2, 000r/min is the following (depend on the volume that processes bore diameter) . Accordingly, the balance of cutting tool won't become big question. As a result of double blade thick boring cutter every side has a cutting tool each, because this basically is in natural balance position. A side of boring cutter of essence of life was installed deserve to weigh, use at be located in the razor blade of another side and collet evenly. Treatment aperture can be installed normally in the boring cutter of essence of life of 200mm above deserve to weigh. Bore hole boring of machine tool big aperture is to be on the horizontal boring milling machine that has CAT50, HSK100 or measure of larger main shaft and horizontal and vertical machining center normally undertake. Agree the Chris Merlin of investment combination manager of group of sale of offer company strategy says, "If need boring -- say for example -- the aperture of 300mm of φ 250mm, φ or φ 350mm, can use traditional milling machine. Use why to plant machine tool more depends on the dimension of workpiece. If you can hold work clip to be on the machine tool, can machine the aperture above. But if need to process real large work, need special treatment facilities. Uses machine tool must have the capacity that processes large work. " the main shaft rotate speed as a result of large hole boring is inferior, the vibration of boring cutter is accordingly lesser also. Nevertheless, the long way of boring cutter is older than jumping over, vibration is bigger also. Hochuli says, "Normally, when the length of boring cutter diameter comparing does not exceed 5 ∶ 1 when, treatment effect is best. " the limitation as a result of Z axis journey, traditional machine tool may encounter difficulty when boring deep aperture. Although can be used,take the cutting tool collet that receives senior staff, but they may cause oscillatory, cutting tool to wear away, problem of the demote below precision. And go up in horizontal boring milling machine, can use sleeve to extend main shaft length, thereby the aperture with boring deeper treatment. Z axis (sleeve) with W axis (workbench) can to shift. Tegelman says, "Although use the aluminium that can reduce cutting tool weight to make a part, big diameter boring cutter is very heavy still, deepness of very difficult implementation exceeds the big Kong Jia of 500mm to be versed in. The machine tool that uses sleeve type main shaft provided a more stable platform for boring of big diameter deep aperture. " the milling machine of Feeler horizontal boring that company of machine tool of Methods of supplier of American machine tool offers has very long sleeve distance. Paul Hurtig of manager of product of this company Feeler says, "The Z axis journey of this machine tool is as long as 1, 700mm, the journey 890mm that goes up in Z axis plus sleeve, can the aperture with boring very deep treatment. " this company still offers all sorts of sleeve to receive long set, they can be installed go up in main shaft end panel, prop up with what strengthen pair of sleeve at be in sleeve greater part or the boring treatment that extend entirely. 3 water chestnut are versed in American company offerred milling machine of boring of horizontal of MAF of type of two kinds of new-style be born again, diameter of its boring main shaft is 150mm and 180mm respectively. One man of embellish of Qi of cereal of this company general manager remaining part says, "This machine tool did not use sleeve type main shaft. Boring is machined by slide block (Z axis / the head is worn) with boring axis (W axis) finish jointly. It is OK that the edge grows the square slide block that is 420mm be extended outwards and inward and retractile, offer for boring main shaft at the same time prop up, make its can finish the biggest deepness to amount to inside cramped working space 2, of 235mm bore hole treatment -- this deepness is in for slide block the length of Z axis 1, 245mm and boring main shaft are in the length 990mm the sum of W axis. " according to different aperture, with Yu Dakong the collet of typical cutting tool of boring includes the type such as CAT 50, CAT 60, HSK 100, HSK 125. The aperture with very big treatment (exceed 1m normally) when, usable bolt originallies boring cutter closely to go up in main shaft directly. Agree the installation of ModBORE boring cutter of offer company is on connect of the milling cutter that cover type, or direct clip is held the department is carried in main shaft. Merlin says, "Connect of the milling cutter that cover type is a kind of commonly used cutting tool connect. ModBORE boring cutter also uses this kind of contact, the φ that is the milling cutter that hold clip normally 50.

8mm or φ 63.

5mm connect. " below the circumstance that cooling problem is helpful for improving cutting tool life and help platoon bit in the likelihood, suggest in boring big Kong Shi uses cooling fluid. Nevertheless, to large hole boring, discharging bits is not what big question, because hole is very large, boring cutter can take up only among them one fraction space. The Hochuli of Wohlhaupter company says, "Why to no matter use,plant cooling means, best can maintain around to agree. If use dry cutting (if boring is cast-iron) , answer not to use cutting liquid from A to Z, use compress air to be blown cut bits. " another kind of choice is to use blade of cutting of cutting tool of pulverization refrigerant refrigeration, use at the same time compress air to be blown ahead cut bits. When large hole of the boring on horizontal boring milling machine, the use of cooling fluid may become an issue. Because this kind of machine tool is open mode construction, because this uses spray impossibly,drench cooling means. Can use inside cool style boring cutter undertakes machining, but must undertake monitoring to machining a circumstance. The Hurtig of Methods company says, "Cooling treatment needs to be controlled meticulously inside. Generally speaking, change knife hind to cannot resemble opening switch of high-pressured cooling fluid immediately in that way on machining center, and the position is machined before wanting to be in aperture in boring cutter as it happens, or cooling fluid of open of the ability after beginning is machined in boring. " large hole boring is machined whether successful, depend on finally machine tool itself. Hochuli says, "The process capability that understands a machine tool is very important, everything depends on the quality of the machine tool and outfit attune. Although boring cutter has very superior cutting performance, also can move inside the process capability limits of the machine tool only. Also can move inside the process capability limits of the machine tool only.. CNC Milling CNC Machining