System of MTX Micro numerical control

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Supplier: Rich world Li Shile (China) limited company issue date: In April 2009 item characteristics: All hardware and software function are completely compositive be located in the control hardware in electric ark at. 32 processor with powerful function ensured the shortest CNC and PLC total cycle time. All IndraMotion that come from Li Shile, IndraLogic and IndraDrive technology offerred the treatment precision of highest dependability and accept rice class for the user. The solution that uses compositive PLC program to realize those who make the key to be machined in the light of Che Xi. Be aimed at the engineering software that debug and diagnoses conveniently quickly. Innovation character: With energy-saving and efficient those who be development concept is compact model numerical control system; Modular design, electric ark installs a space to save 1/3; High-powered dynamic main shaft and servo electric machinery, treatment saves 3s circularly, need not transformer, transducer, save electric 850kW every year. Suitable scope: Lathe, drilling machine, milling machine, machining center and grinder. CNC Milling CNC Machining