Catch whole mechanical manufacturer to rely on an appropriate makings software to improve manufacturing efficiency

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Automation often is to improve the main solution of efficiency and crop by conduct propaganda. Be in China, the competition between native land manufacturer and international manufacturer is very intense, the enterprise hopes more and more pressingly to realize mechanization, raise stock turnover rate with the oldest rate. Nevertheless occasionally, the solution that the company buys at first cannot bring expectant result, more appropriate solution must be sought between cost take time again subsequently. Improve manufacturing efficiency through automation 2012, without stannic city Yu Cheng acquires entire machinery plant (abbreviation " without Xi Yucheng " ) the decision is passed use computerized numerical control (CNC controller) cut bed will raise yield. For this, the company still needs to buy to cover makings software, with helping a company plank of more efficient cut stainless steel produces a part. Process designing member Gu Leyi expresses: "We decide to used bought cut bed to upgrade in August 2012 our cut craft, meanwhile, we return those who bought a mainland to cover material process. " the Yu Cheng that do not have stannum is the modern company that knitting of a production acquires whole mechanism. This headquarters is set in the company of Jiangsu to devote oneself to to provide top-ranking equipment and outstanding after service. The company that this headquarters sets in Jiangsu hopes this covers makings software to be able to help them originally reasonable on plate form a part, so that mention downy overall material utilization factor to the greastest extent, reduce waste to the greastest extent at the same time. However, be less than two months, yu Cheng's jockey people feedback namely the requirement that this program cannot satisfy them well. Gu Leyi expresses, in the process that uses this program, work in the same placing encounter a lot of difficulty. "The first when we buy covers makings software to use rise not to go to the lavatory, sheet is to be familiar with an interface to encounter many troubles. In the meantime, also have a lot of restriction to our job, this lets us realize, this software is not very likely for the business to us. " purchase more appropriate solution afore-mentioned negative feedback let begin to seek the most appropriate covering to expect without Xi Yucheng solution, in order to satisfy its requirement. Cut limited company of whole set of equipment according to having solder of stannic bridge couplet (machine with cut system provider) proposal, the complete function that orders Mai Haibao definitely without Xi Yucheng is intermediate cover makings software TurboNest® . This, just contact new software, jockey people feel very marvellous. Gu Leyi evaluates to this: "CAM of sea treasure CAM() the Windows mainstream software with the interface of the solution and familiar jockey is similar, very intuitionistic use easily, accordingly, the time that we spend in place of familiar TurboNest field is gotten less much. In addition, personnel of sea treasure technology was offerred to us relevant groom, help us smoothly from old software migratory to new software. " effect get effect instantly covers the crucial result that expects the program is brought without automation of expectation of stannic eaves Cheng is the oldest rate mentions downy overall material utilization factor, and terminal user came true instantly almost after introducing TurboNest this. Wait for cut part to arrange reasonable, can the oldest rate reduces waste, and need artificial interpose scarcely. Gu Leyi emphasizes, module of common limit cut is in this aspect is most practical. OK and automatic or this function is alternant type arranges a group of outline along a straight edge, such can along common limit cut these outline. Common limit cut can reduce the cut of the outline outside punching the frequency is mixed, also shortened naturally cut time. Besides common limit cut, the jockey that does not have Xi Yucheng people still like additionally two efficiency to enhance a function very much: The bridge accepts cut and link cut. Can think through these two functions many spare partses develop cut a continuous cut method. These functions punch through decreasing frequency, lengthened to the greastest extent at the same time fragile service life. TurboNest help reduced material to waste to the greastest extent without Xi Yucheng. Gu Leyi judges exposition and argumentation, "TurboNest can be arranged ably need cut part, reduce material waste thereby, shorten cut time. This lets sea treasure the solution is obvious the first software that we use tower above one cut. " return discovery without Xi Yucheng, pass the new software that buys this, cover expect duty factor is much simpler before. Although the program before also has manufacturing efficiency module, but terminal user can not master these functions easily. What contrast to it is, use TurboNest wants simple nature much. In addition, now, if be necessary, jockey people still can not quite arduous ground edits cut method, in order to satisfy their need. This is in past is almost impossible implementation. Besides friendly user interface, use TurboNest, jockey is very OK still be saved conveniently and derive.

Nif file. The user can guide these files in TurboNest, such, if sequel orders the job that cut likeness needs in sheet, can have an edition conveniently. And when the software before using, the flow that because protect,puts a project is too complex, the Yu Cheng that do not have stannum must the figure with new similar scale. After active experience is using directer program, the jockey that does not have Xi Yucheng people the machine that can resemble efficient movement now carries out a makings efficiently in that way. Below the guidance of sea treasure, gu Leyi and her work in the same placing can have used TurboNest very adeptly now, the help that she decides to will obtain its henceforth even is delivered other the client that has need. Summary says Gu Leyi, "I am very satisfactory to TurboNest, the result that gets to us also feels very gratified. Now, I can use this program more adeptly, I already decided the instant information group that provides through sea treasure, the other manufacturer that dispels doubts to need to dispel misgivings in the process that uses this software people provide a help. Be in migratory with executive process in, hai Baoyi offers us very great help continuously, I believe this kind of good collaboration relationship will still continue. I believe this kind of good collaboration relationship will still continue.. CNC Milling CNC Machining