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Foundation of process designing of numerical control lathe - - the data processing of part drawing paper

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The choice Normal TEXT-INDENT of base point coordinate: After 21pt"> origin make choice of, answer a coordinate value that conversion becomes a bit more corresponding dimension to begin from origin, tag afresh. The outline curve of the spare parts is comprised by a lot of different geometry elements commonly, if wait for composition by 2 linear, circular arc, curves. Call the join point between each geometrical elements normally base point, like two linear node, linear the point of tangency with circular arc or the point of tangency of nodical, circular arc and circular arc or the point of tangency of nodical, circular arc and 2 curves and node. Outline of most spare parts by mix point-blank circular arc paragraph composition, the base point calculation of this kind of spare parts is simpler, go up with part drawing foregone measure numerical value is calculable give base point coordinate, if cannot, type of usable simultaneous equations begs solution method to beg a base point coordinate. 3.

Node coordinate estimation calculates Normal >CNC system all is had mix point-blank function of circular arc interpolation, some still has the function such as parabola interpolation. When the planar outline that waits for composition by hyperbola, ellipse when treatment, have to use a lot of linear or circular arc paragraph approach its outline. This kind of factitious cent secant paragraph, the node of two line segment calls its photograph adjacent node. Be about to calculate when process designing a length of each line segment and node coordinate value. 4.

Of the curve that be not a circle approach processing Normal > numerical control can make linear interpolation and circular arc interpolation only commonly. When the spare parts that encounters round curve of circumgyrate outline dispute, the task that maths handles is to use straight line segment or circular arc paragraph go approaching the outline that be not a circle. The curve that be not a circle can divide the curve that conveys for usable equation and list curve again two kinds. Normal > describes to usable equation approach. It is to be approached point-blank. If curvilinear equation is compared simple, do not prepare academic error checking computations again, so with handiwork (calculator of have the aid of) can finish. But the error that approachs point-blank relatively apply to rougher treatment only. Another kind is to use circular arc to approach. Circular arc is approached answer commonly personal computer of have the aid of will finish. A kind of method is to press estimation section first, make up a program to make approach, edit error of checking computations of a program again next. If the error of cipher out allows a value more than, farewell comes over to increase section number. Relapse a few times, be less than slightly till the error allow a value till. Although bother,this law operation rises a few, but two procedures are simpler. Another kind of method is the edge approachs margin calculation error, make calculate (be defeated) go out approach circular arc and real profile to the error between always is less than or be equal to a certain allow a value. Although such program is a few more complex, but on personal computer operation simpler however. Normal > describes to cannot using equation approach, the list curve that gives out with the coordinate dot of disperse however (function) . To list curve, manual process designing is quite difficult, want computer of have the aid of to undertake complex maths is calculated normally, already many monograph were made to this discuss in detail, reason does not discuss here. 5.

Normal > complete function has cutting tool to compensate a function. When process designing, the center that wants computation to give spare parts outline to go up only or node coordinate, give out to compensate an instruction to reach its about cutting tool relevant data, numerical control device can undertake cutting tool deflection is calculated automatically, the coordinate of contrail of cutting tool center that cipher out place needs, control cutting tool moves. System of some economy numerical control compensates a function without cutting tool, must press machine program of authorized strength of data of coordinate of contrail of cutting tool center, have the consideration of contrail of cutting tool center with respect to need. 6.

Assisting computation to assist computation is to be destiny of work out spy to accuse machine tool machine program to prepare data namely. Different numerical control system, its assist computation content and measure are endless also and same. Normal >(1) increment is calculated. Increment coordinate is fastened (opposite coordinate is) when process designing, the data of the input is increment size, if straight line segment wants cipher out linear terminus is opposite the coordinate increment size of its start; Circular arc paragraph, one kind is to want terminus of cipher out circular arc the centre of a circle of the coordinate increment size of opposite starting point and circular arc is opposite the coordinate increment size of circular arc start, another kind is to should part the coordinate increment size of start of cipher out circular arc and terminal and opposite the centre of a circle. Normal > world coordinate system, do not want computational increment size commonly, if linear Duan Ke gives out directly,its terminal coordinate is worth; Circular arc paragraph, give out directly value of coordinate of circular arc terminus and the centre of a circle are worth relative to the coordinate of circular arc start. Normal >(2) pulse counts computation. The unit is being used when having numeric consideration is millimeter and degree, its data is contained decimally. Ask to system of open loop CNC the data of the input is the integer that is unit of measurement with pulse, the coordinate data that friend should give consideration is divided with " pulse equivalent " , namely " pulse counts computation " . To closed circuit (or half closed circuit) CNC system, direct input takes decimally decimal numeral. Normal >(3) assists the numeric computation of block. By cut a program to what cut a point to knife dot, return what nod to the knife to cut by terminus of spare parts cutting a program and transfer without point of a knife the point of a knife of system of functional numerical control transfers the program belongs to auxiliary block, beard cipher out assists the data that block place requires CNC Milling CNC Machining