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Increasingly intense market competes, your car makes an enterprise must consider the development issue that he did not come to seriously. For this, they raised the research requirement of charge of integral life cycle, the hope can help him make correct decision-making. To car motivation assembly production company is told, sound program production is very important. Because, right choice can raise those who produce a system to use value further, improve manufacturing efficiency, let pull current Cheng more rationalize, save many expenditure for the enterprise. the automation production system that with respect to engine production uses, the computation of charge of cycle of its whole life is not is a simple thing. Above all, the enterprise should throw a large number of capital to purchase manufacturing facilities in in advance. Next, still need to consider to be in the use process of later period, can this process cast finished product (cylinder body) more or less is expenditure of manufacturing system need operated charge and uphold charge? Make a better example, if be deadline to calculate with 10 years, do such 4 million cylinder body need to cost of how many operation throw in the production on this one system? Our answer is: This expenditure will be in 1.

10 ~ 1.

Between 6 billion dollar. The balance of 10 thousand dollars of this 5 000 not only the manufacturing facilities model that with dynamical assembly production company place chooses is having close relationship, and with this spare parts (cylinder body) in future the remodel inside 10 years also is having close relationship. Design the change on to get used to these, dynamical assembly makes an enterprise must produce a system to undertake be transforminged accordingly to its. In addition, chosen equipment model spares parts to the cutting tool that uses up daily, machine parts or tools kept in reserve (like main shaft) , public facilities and service are operated and the element such as upkeep costs also can have very big effect. The quick treatment unit that forms in group by shunt-wound machining center, programmed control machining center makes development past of the technology, can produce per year by tens of thousands the only of spare parts of assembly of large motive force is practical with the method that has taller cost effectiveness be, make the private plane product line that uses ordinal treatment technology. The independent industry that machines content to divide admeasure to differ by working procedure finish orderly, rise by a rigid conveyer belt join. Semifinished product expects from the one aspect of the matter of product line, finished product (cylinder body or crock lid) get offline from another end, enter ship-fitter order next. System of this kind of production suits to be opposite product line is flexible the demand is not high, the production of the series part with design minor change, and larger to designing change part needs to design new class. Transform the cost of private plane product line that uses ordinal treatment technology very tall, dynamical assembly makes an enterprise need to invest many time and money. As the development of production technology, nimble production system and mix model the occurrence that produces a system brought a change to production. Nimble production system carries equipment to comprise by the automation between the numerical control machine tool that assembles organic instrument hand and machine tool, use paralell connection to machine craft, can realize serial production, a machine tool malfunctions and can not cause stop work of whole product line. In addition, this kind of production system that uses shunt-wound treatment technology is had very good flexible, expand very easily further according to producing need to do. To big batch production, of traditional private plane product line purchase cost inferior. If produce the anticipation of the spare parts change is very few, private plane product line will be first-rate choice. As the development of production technology, relative to the automatic product line of before a few generation, the product line nowadays transforms cost to already was reduced somewhat. Mix model the combination that manufacturing system is before two kinds of producer type, hold private plane concurrently product line and flexible the characteristic of production unit. When making choosing to be in which choosing to plant produce a system, charge of integral life cycle can regard production as the important basis of the enterprise. The equipment that is in company of MAG motivation assembly develops the job to express, established model of computation of charge of cycle of life of a whole, the change of the product cent is 3 kinds big: Change less, change medium, change is bigger. The add opening that change needs one kind less to go up to engine only undertakes be configuringed afresh, in order to make its get used to new model. The commutation that operates according to aperture of Huo aperture, bore, bore with a reamer and tap, much axis is added to machine a head on private plane product line, increase cutting tool, change in order to get used to the design of the product. To this, nimble production system needs to modify work machine program only, change cutting tool can satisfy these change. Engine cylinder body devises an example with medium change namely. Its new characteristic will bring certain influence to production, need increases necessary treatment amount. Below this kind of circumstance, private plane product line needs to add much axis to machine head and 2 ~ 3 new class, need changes clamping apparatus. Installation new facility and transform old equipment to will bring about product line to stop machine, because this needs before change,adjust the inventory of finished product. When the medium change that considers to choose He Chongsheng to produce plan to answer a product in people, what make a system adroitly is flexible got be reflectinged adequately. Because make a system undertake more easily expanding adroitly, the installation of equipment is debugged and can not affect the regular job of machine tool of other numerical control on the line. Bigger to product change program, if use, is private plane product line, the consideration is designed and must make a few brand-new working station so, in order to replace existing worker worker. This is sure to involve much stage machine tool, still have quite head of new-style bull treatment, clamping apparatus, watch of general drawing of system of a large number of newer machine, electric, hydraulic pressure and PLC design, cutting tool, craft, relevant manual. And go up in nimble production system, we may need to add machine tool of two new-style numerical control only. In addition, because produce the change of craft, still need to change the machine program of numerical control machine tool. Nextpage is in product line of a motor 10 ~ in life cycle of 20 years, the product produces bigger change, 4 ~ 2 times 5 times medium change reachs 10 ~ 20 times the circumstance of minor change is infrequent. Such looking, nimble production system is the optimal choice of dynamical assembly production enterprise. But become when crop is very big, the initiative investment cost of private plane product line makes a system relative to Yu Minjie lower. Achieve when crop annual 600 thousand when, the cost that the cost of private plane product line wants to compare nimble production system is low 40% , of later period move reach maintain cost inferior also. The private plane product line with the current cost of integral life cycle that expresses place of different production system to need belongs to the treatment system that standardizes high, this kind of system special agree with the big batch production of the spare parts. If produce the anticipation of the spare parts to change very few or design change is not frequent, it is relatively inferior that its invest cost. Each working procedure can be divided be versed in for a few, go up in a product line by ordinal arrangement, rise by join of rigid and deferent system. It is however in a lot of application domains, to private plane product line reinstall the high cost that transforms an expenditure to may offset its are initiative the advantage with moving inferior cost of investment and operation. Because, minor product change may need to cost millions of dollars, the expenditure of medium change needs 1 000 about 10 thousand dollars, and the expenditure of bigger change may exceed 2 000 normally 10 thousand dollars. In future, the frequency that the product changes and possibility still can rise further. Compare with cylinder body photograph, this a series of change will be reflected morely go up in crock lid product, make assembly of a few motivation creates a company thereby more apt uses a future life of nimble production system to produce crock of lid. In addition, the comparison that produces a system still includes the factor such as machine tool utilization rate, forecasting these operation variable is a of charge of cycle of life of whole of judgement production system main component. We are OK the service cost that will calculate these two kinds to produce kind according to producing the labor of the enterprise to lead. The operation staff that runs need of place of nimble production system and maintain staff, its amount is equivalent to the 2 ~ that private plane product line needs staff 3 times. In fact, no matter use which kind of producer formula, its are public the charge of establishment (power supply and air feed) and cooling fluid and oily bad news also are OK computation comes out. Equipment safeguards the charge that reachs spare parts of machine parts or tools kept in reserve to evaluate also include inside. Of main shaft change, include reserve spare parts, held quite large proportion. Normally, the numerical control machine tool that paratactic treatment craft uses has more main shaft. In good in whole program systematic life cycle, if the system medium main shaft amount takes what need with place to predict,change an amount, multiply again with every main shaft of 50 thousand dollar of 3 ~ buy fare, the amount of earning is very considerable. In addition, average time to failure (MTBF) and affirmatory breakdown and the level of technology of alterable labour force that eliminate breakdown place to need, the input cost that also needs to bring into automatic product line to maintain a project has consideration. Besides, still opposite of a few elements produces charge of systematic life cycle to also have very big effect. Of cutting tool using up must consider. Rise ceaselessly as what rotate speed of machine tool main shaft and feed lead, of cutting tool use up also rise subsequently. In conventional treatment means, cooling fluid charge takes operation charge about 15% the left and right sides. Update ceaselessly as a result of what extract a system, minim is lubricant become more practical. Its key is the base that redesigns a machine tool, use gravitational help to eliminate to cut bits, is not to use adoption method to eliminate to cut bits. In fact, once used the machine tool base of this kind of special design, what need cooling fluid to want specific humidity treatment to decrease a lot of. The research of periodic to producing systematic whole life charge makes clear, use in a lot of application domains flexible the mixture production that treatment unit and private plane product line combine way is more good. Private plane is used at having the rough machining with stable characteristic and precision work, numerical control machine tool is versed in with what produce change easily at designing characteristic. Now, dynamical assembly production enterprise had a kind of new choice again -- use private plane formula machining center. Private plane type machining center is a kind of when with the combination of machining center and private plane the form processes work new technology, the treatment that the machine tool translate into becomes independent is unit. Private plane type machining center is more simple, reliable, main shaft wants than private plane little, the time that change a knife is short, treatment efficiency is tall. In addition, its earlier investment and operational cycle want a few lower. End radical occupies a recent research, we produced the charge of integral life cycle of means to undertake comparative to these 3 kinds. Campaign is restricted to be 20 years, the bigger change that product and tool transform changeover is 3 times, medium change is 5 times, minor change is 10 times, charge of integral life cycle sees a table. Charge of integral life cycle decides by crop: Produce 30 ~ in those days 400 thousand when, the lowest of charge of integral life cycle of nimble production system; When producing per year 600 thousand, the lowest of charge of integral life cycle of private plane product line. If press same installation cost and scale of production, with 10 years (replace 20 years) campaign is restricted to have consideration, although crop was reduced, but still use same commendation on the alternative that produces a system number. According to life cycle analysis of expenses, above produces systematic program 3 kinds to all have definite advantage. If crop is inferior, nimble production system has an advantage; If crop attributes moderate level, use mix model produce a system or nimble production system is most good. When product development change achieves lowest to calculate a level, private plane product line has an advantage very much in big batch scale of production. Face large quantities of quantities to produce, investment of initial stage of nimble production system is higher, dan Jirou sex and easy expansibility not only can satisfy the market at that time to need, the development that still can get used to future at the same time changes. The first cost of private plane product line is inferior, if the product won't produce big change inside certain period, choosing this kind of producer proposal is practical. CNC Milling CNC Machining